April round result

April round result

4/1 Forest Park 15th Anniversary Competition

Opening is old, but he has been operated for 15 years since he was operated by Wood Friends (outsourced).

He is interested in this because a 바카라 souvenir will appear in the participation award, and participates in golf friends

The souvenir was the original casino marker.

I did not enter the jump prize, but two friends entered the jump prize.

4/6 Forest park monthly

4/20 As a course capture in Shiga Prefecture, go to Golf Course in Shiga Prefecture by reservation alone

There are two golf courses named Shiga, and there are two courses from the reservation set in navigation

Shiga Country proceeding while thinking that it is strange that it will not arrive in advance in advance

When he realized that this was completely wrong, he was in time for the start time

He contacted the course on the way and started from the second hole

Last year, I made a mistake on the course in Shiga and made a mistake for this time.

Is it incompatible with the course in Shiga Prefecture?

4/27 Forest Park Forest Cup

He was four rounds in April.

He was scheduled to arrive in April Garmin R10

After all, he was finally available on May 5th today.

April round

Finally battle

If you want to increase your basic assets seriously

I’m doing Baccarat,

I played with a slot!

The sound when the free spin 모바일바카라 hits is addictive

It will be