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“I will join tomorrow”

I’ve been fluttering since the proposal,

I want to be enrolled faster, so I will join tomorrow.

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Why do you get married?

I decided to get married and had a friend of college celebrate

The rotten edge is already rotten.

It is a member who heard various things about my love.

Congrats! With the feeling of

Is it okay …? It seems that there is a feeling of worry

Root digging leaves digging

What do you want to do when you get married?

What did you decide to get married because of other people?

I was asked that and this

And by the way, I realize that I’ve never thought too much

But after a few days, I feel a little bit together.

I would like to leave it in a memorandum on the night before marriage.

Moon -kun has a few romantic feelings like excitement (laughs) (laughs).

However, there was a sense of security to be able to spend a calm feeling.

My romance so far

I was very unstable if I was pleased with the opponent’s movement, excited, or hated.

The part that was dependent is also large.

I am relieved that the love with Tsuki -kun is very conveyed that it is loved and cherished.

And above all, you can rely on it.

I’m 10 times better than me

I’m okay with ponkotsu (laughs)

Even if you are blessed with children and your family increases

Even if you are not blessed with two people

Both life seems to be fun if you are moon -kun.

I think it was big to think so.

The couple is a co -owner of a company called a family

I was saying something like that in a shame

While repeating the try and error

I want to overcome my life.

When I get older, I want to do a high touch, “I did my best!”

Rather than facing the rough waves of life alone

It is encouraging to have friends.

Tsuki -kun is quite similar.

Surely it will work.

So much

I will join tomorrow.

My friends got a Baccarat glass

Do you know this garbage box?

It is a popular TOWER product on SNS.

You can put three bags and separate garbage.

Above all, I’m happy …

You can blindfold and see clearly!

I usually put it under the kitchen counter.

Because the caster is on when replacing the garbage bag

You can easily pull it out and change the bag

And the ally of Zubora.

It’s not a box type, so there is no need to wash it

I’m also worried that the smell will be caught when it comes with a lid …

It’s perfect for sloppy

Those who are going to consider the garbage box soon!

I recommend it

Looking for a counter where this garbage can enters

I am using this.

I like the color and I like it.

Essence the spark of the serum foundation?

The No. 1 ability for 16 consecutive years is not Date.

I was able to use it 코인카지노 without any problems with sensitive skin without burdening the pores.

Because the powder is also excellent

It is effective to use this opportunity as a set!

Webradio FMC


“Nikkan Midnight Rapid”


Akiko Oishi Reiwa Shinsengumi House of Representatives (Osaka 5 wards)


Enokida Shinmon @fmc @enokidas


(The leader who sent Akiko Oishi to the Diet along with Maejima Shrine, media producer living in Osaka, radio craftsman)

Takai Takai Weld Secretary -General Secretary -General


Aii Love Reiwa Shinsengumi Candidate Candidate House of Councilors Osaka Prefecture constituency


Aomura Saki


264 million

[STOP Casino Street Namba] Reiwa Shinsengumi Taro Yamamoto, Akiko Oishi, Ai Hatata April 2, 2022

I don’t need a casino in Osaka!

Reiwa Shinsengumi [Reiwa Owns] and [Congress Members Election] Official Candidates announced

[Aichi Prefecture] Reiwa Shinsengumi Candidate Candidate 모바일카지노 Preledian Announcement Press Conference April 4, 2022

You don’t clean it except hotels and luxury brands?

Contrast of experience consumption led by desire 2. Hotel

In the last post, he introduced what the boarding line of the economy stone, which was designed to see the business seats, and who the hidden target of the First Class was introduced.

This flex economy phenomenon is extensive throughout the travel industry. Hotel? More explicit and dense. If the airline seats are at best, the hotel rooms are divided into dozens of rooms, depending on the rate.

SNS public opinion, the reason for ‘Halla Mountain View’

There is an important variable that determines the price as much as the area of ​​the room. It is ‘view’. The core value provided by the luxury hotel is the luxury out of everyday life. Therefore, it is natural to pay the price to the proper rooms and prospects.

By the way, is it the future luxury? Do you think it’s luxury for privatizing public prospects and spending money in a hotel with no connection with the region?

Above all, will people long and envy those actions?

A series of criticisms on SNS for the Dream Tower in Jeju Island, which opened in December 2020, and the Dream Tower in the hotel. In fact, so far, the joint venture with Chinese capital, the combination of high -rise commercial facilities and hotels, and the gap between hotels and regions have been common in the development of hotels in the commercial real estate industry. Therefore, it is necessary to look into the changes in the social context of the MZ generation looking at the hotel.

The 2030 generation is a set of individuals who are concerned about survival and survival in an environment where polarization deepens. When they want to breathe for a while, the most traveling destination is Jeju, and each has precious and sad memories of Jeju. Looking at the emergence of the hotel in such a context, you can understand the furious criticism and antipathy of high -rise prospects that monopolize Hallasan. If a hotel is reminiscent of negative keywords such as casinos, Busan’s El City, and the rich man’s tyranny, this will not help the hotel in the long run.

Recently, a series of timelines reflect such pressure. Since the opening of the hotel, the Jeju Federation of Certified Affairs said, “Stop Jeju Dream Tower Shopping Mall.” Dream Tower said it would apologize for violating large -scale stores and discuss win -win measures. Two weeks later, he started a tourism work and started a campaign with Lotte Hotel to support the traditional market. What will be left after the six -week campaign is over? How does this business change change after the six -month period of win -win and cooperation?

Marriott, do you only clean luxury brands?

Intensifying the class of travel is a hot topic in the United States. On June 4th, Royal Tea Robbie, a famous travel media, posted news called ‘Marriott House Skating New News: Luxury Brand Bay’.

According to the latest newsletter in Marriott, only seven brands such as Ritz -Carlton, Edition, and JW have only seven brands, including Corona 19, with cost savings. All hotels, including Le Merdien, have to be cleaned at the time of ‘request’.

Of course, it is uncertain whether this policy is an international or a US hotel. But the obvious fact is that the hotel’s cleaning service, which was the only difference with Airbnb, is no longer natural.

Until now, consumers tend to sympathize with this class. The experience of pouring out of SNS has been constantly fostered with each other with the distorted aspiration. Overseas travel and the hoccence craze, which overlaps with the unique anxiety of Koreans that should not fall behind, and rewarding psychology to fill the empty inside with difficult social life, are a good excuse for the hotel industry around the world to ‘classify’ consumers’ wallets. It was made.

Fortunately, consumers think that there is a critical point that blatantly feels the classification of travel consumption. After environmental disasters such as Corona 19, the individual’s value for travel is changing in various ways, and it is in an environment where it is inevitable. Consumers who want to consciously consume consumption to the region and the environment will set the standards for travel consumption more sensitively than before.

Citizen M in the Netherlands, the first hotel that started a 슬롯머신 hotel trip 10 years ago, and many independent brands in Europe are solidly working on their business without forming a class as a hotel room. I don’t claim that this is not necessary, but I think that the definition and standards of luxury should be delicately designed to meet the changes in the consciousness of consumers.

Now, there are many more consumers than ever before, rather than ‘Chinese’ or ‘greedy’ rather than longing for large and colorful buildings and monopoly views.

Kim Da -young | NONIE Instructor Introduction Homepage

-Books , , Author

-CEO ‘Hitchhiker’, the current travel education company

-In addition of 100 companies, including the Korea Science and Technology Human Resources Development Institute, 2019 Best Teaching Award Award

Over the past decade, he has traveled around the world to explore the changes in the travel industry as a travel, and has made the most narcissistic job. In general companies, they are lecturers who are responsible for smart travel from employees, and in the travel industry, they work as industrial columnists and trend analysts. I want to help more people to go through their lives and work through travel.


Instagram @nonie21

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[Aichi] 4/28 (Thu) Aichi -no -kai/street advertising against secret law and conspiracy.

The secret law is abolished! The conspiracy crime is abolished! Digital monitoring methods and important land survey regulation law are also abolished!

4/28 (Thursday) 12: 15-13: 00 Sakae/Rasic east side

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[Chiba] 4/29 (Friday) Learning Session “Knowing and Action! Land Regulation Law in Matsudo”

Date and time 2022 (Friday, holiday) 15:30 to 17:30 (scheduled to end)

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Material fee 500 yen

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・ Shiro Hanatani (Ishigaki City Council member)

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In the future of the sponsor! Matsudo Action (Meir Tota, Yuko Okamoto)

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[Online] 5/30 (Monday) Lecture “Freedom of citizens’ political expressions protects civil society”

~ Ogaki Police Citizen’s Citizen’s Constitutional Litigation Litigation 1 As the theme-

May 30, 2022 (Monday) 18:30 (Scheduled to end to 20:30)

Lecturer: Professor Koji Aida, Waseda University Faculty of Law

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What are the rules and manners of the “true” “don’t break in!” (Toryu) -Persion

The last day of Silver Week in 2022

September 25 is the last day of Silver Week in 2022. If you take paid vacation from 20th to 22nd, 9 days from 17th to 25th will be closed, and you will have a large holiday. There are many people who went on a trip, regardless of whether it was a long vacation.

If you are staying at a hotel on a trip, I’m looking forward to breakfast buffet.

・ Because you can make money by reducing labor costs? The real reason for the hotel to make a buffet buffet at breakfast (Toryu) / Yahoo! News

A while ago, I read the article I was interested in at the breakfast buffet, so I contributed my sentence. Breakfast buffet has stated my views on claiming that it is making money by reducing labor costs.

・ I was angry at the buffet saying, “Don’t cut it in!” Is it useless to take empty dishes?

Recently, I read a new article that I am interested in.

Be careful of interrupt

According to J-CAST’s article, the tweet of a ryokan manager is a great response.

The tweet was described on September 12, 2022 about the breakfast buffet at the City Hotel.

When the contributor cooked from the vacant booth, he was angry that he did not interrupt the elderly men. It is said that all dishes should be served in a row from the platform near the entrance. The contributor pointed out that it was a distribution. The reaction on SNS is that there is a lot of sympathy with the contributors.

In this article, let’s consider the interrupts at the buffet like this.

Buffet history

Before you enter the main subject, let’s explain the history of the buffet.

In 1957, Nobuo Murakami (later chef and the first chef of the first generation) of the Imperial Hotel went to learn the Nordic “Smogersboard”. “Smogger board” means “bread and butter dining table” and is a traditional Nordic dish that allows you to freely eat various dishes such as meat, fish, and vegetables on the table.

Murakami returned to Japan and opened Japan’s first buffet restaurant “Imperial Viking” (“Imperial Viking Sal” on August 1, 1958). When the store name was open to the company, the name reminiscent of the Nordic pirate movie “Viking”, which was a hot topic at the time, was selected. In 2008, the 50th anniversary of buffet, August 1 will be enacted on the “Viking Day”.

As you can see from these backgrounds, buffet is a coined word made from Imperial Viking Sal. Buffet and buffet have different pronunciation notation in Japanese, and both refer to Buffet.

Buffet rule

Buffet has tradition and history, and there are rules and manners.

・ August 1 is celebrating its 60th anniversary of birth, “Viking Day” Your buffet is outdated? (Toryu) / Yahoo! News

What is recommended in the original “Smogersboard” is to take an appropriate amount, and if necessary, go to get it as many times as possible. Even if you can take it freely by yourself, it is not to eat and eat quickly. It is one style of meals that go to pick up for a serving meal.

In Japan, a buffet lunch may be held in elementary and junior high schools as part of food education. It is taught through buffet lunches, such as taking into account the balance and amount of nutrition, and considering that others can take it comfortably.

Depending on the likes and dislikes and eating volumes, it is important to take as many nutrients as possible, challenge new dishes and taste, and eat an appropriate amount that suits you.

Divide the flow line

Let’s 크레이지슬롯 explain the ideas in the buffet stand.

There is a flow line on the buffet stand.

Of course, the manager, manager and staff are thinking about where the buffet stand in the store, what kind of things are lined up, and how to get them lined up. At the beginning of the flow line, it is common to show that this is the start by arranging trays and plates, and that people flow from there.

There are many complaints in the buffet because the replenishment is slow and the rows are crowded. Therefore, it is designed so that the column of the buffet stand is not crowded.

Creating a number of flow lines is the basics of the basics. If there is only one flow line and only one exit and one exit, if a person stops in one somewhere on the way, all the rows will be delayed. Therefore, the whole flow line is divided into several, and the popular demonstration corner creates a dedicated menu.

Cooking that you can get per person

What should I do to prevent the buffet from being crowded?

It is to reduce the number of dishes that can be per person. Conversely, if you can do it, it is important to increase the number of people who can cook one dish. If you say this, you may not understand the meaning well or surprisingly, but the intention is as follows.

If you have a lot of dishes that one person can take, you will stop at that place and you will have a number of dishes. If you can only get one dish in a certain place, and where you can get five dishes in a certain place, the latter will take five times as long as the former. Therefore, it is better to reduce the dishes that can be eaten as much as possible on the flow line of the buffet stand.

If you can get one more than one dish, you can get more efficiency if you can get two or more people. For example, if there is a buffet stand and you can cook from both sides that sandwiches it, the efficiency will be doubled.

In order to keep the buffet from congestion, it is most important to reduce the number of dishes that can be eaten per person and move quickly so that the line flows more and more.

Overall efficiency concept

There is a concept of overall efficiency like a macro to eliminate the congestion of the buffet stand.

At that time, the idea is that all people in the store have to waste their time as much as possible, that is, the more they eat, the more they take the dishes.

The less dishes that are not taken by anyone, the less time it will be. In reality, it is impossible to have any dishes that are not taken by anyone, so it is important to reduce the time when there is a dish that is not taken by anyone.

Case of the case

Let’s go back to the beginning of the event.

In order to eliminate the column of the buffet stand as a whole, it is preferable to go to the vacant place because the overall efficiency is better. Smogers boards and buffets do not have the rules or manners that must be lined up in a row or all dishes.

Therefore, it is no problem to go to an empty buffet table like the contributor.

However, it is not desirable to go into a place where there is already a line and go for cooking. This is because it not only violates the manners of taking consideration for others, but also contributes to the overall efficiency.

So how long is the line, can we enter a line?

It’s annoying, but as a guide, if you have more than three people, you’ll be fine. In this case, I don’t feel like I got sideways. In addition, it takes time for the next dish to be taken, so if you take it in the meantime, the overall efficiency will be improved.

The buffet can be taken as many times as you want, so it is barren to make a noise when you are pulled out, unless there is something that will be limited in quantity.

The person who entered on the way did not take what was in front of the line. If you did not take the previous one, but lined up from the beginning of the line, the line was too long and overall in inefficient.

Rounds unique to breakfast

There are circumstances unique to breakfast. Breakfast at the hotel focuses on a very short time slot, from 7:00 to 8:00, or from 7:30 to 8:30. Moreover, unlike lunch and dinner, it is inevitable that many guests use it.

It is better to be able to get what you want to take as soon as possible, as it is the benefit of customers as a whole, as a whole, as a whole, without personal emotions. By doing so, as a result, the line is easily eliminated, and every person is easier to take.

Buffet rules and manners

In Japan, the buffet culture is immature. As in this case, the idea of ​​having to take a moto has spread, it is used for gluttonous and fast -eating, and the illusion of a genre is a genre. There are probably things that are misunderstood.

The buffet is a meal style that you can eat freely. It is a good idea to be informed that the overall buffet standing efficiency can be improved, and as a result, it may be taken from where the person you want to take in order to bring the benefits to everyone. I believe that the venue that offers breakfast buffets, as well as TV, magazines, newspapers and the Internet, should actively convey the manners and mechanisms of the buffet.

2021.7.18 26th Mercury Cup (JPNⅢ) Morioka / Dart 2000m Frame Horse Horse name


Rate 5 runs Acquisition Before Run 3ring 3ring 3ring 5 Runes 5 Runes 1 5 8 8 B

* () = The parenthesis is the invalid rate notation by the grass race.

* The underline is the same as this race, and the rate acquisition at the approximation distance (= dirt 1900-2100m).

* /Is the same as this race, and the rate cannot be obtained at the approximation distance (= dirt 1900-2100m).

<< Aptitude ranking >>

* << Decision side >>

* << General / Intermediate >>

* << Evacuation battle side >>

* [Power ratio]:

《Evacuation Battle side》 > (≒+2.5%) 《Decision side》 > (≒+29%) 《General / intermediate attribute》

Ranking of the past 4 years and its trend ↓

<< Training custom order >>

<< Support frame horse >>

[System recommended]

[From the data of the past 4 years]

・ First of all, there is 1 to 5+7th place in the large frame (12/12 in the betting ticket), 1+6 or 2+4th place, or 2nd, 10, and the first place. 6 is 6. From the 7th place in the maximum force, 11/12 in the betting ticket, from the first and second place to three. << General/Middle Attribute >> 11/12 in the betting ticket from the 7th place, of which 2nd place horses are always derived, and the first place horses are 3. 《Evacuation Battle side》 From 2nd to 9th place to 12/12 in the betting ticket, 4th place horses 3. From 8 horses with a rate acquisition rate of 100%to 5, 75-80%of the betting ticket, from 11 to 4, or from 21 horses with non -rates with a rate acquisition rate of 40%or more to 8/9 in the betting ticket. 1 from 31 horses, which owns and non -possessed rates. With a rate acquisition rate of 75%or more, only has a rate of holding , and there are three or more rates of “general/intermediate attribute” to 8/12 in the betting ticket. Overall / intermediate attributes》 Of the 46 non -possessed rates, 36 from 36 horses that are not unprecedented in “General / Middle attribute” with a rate acquisition rate of 20%or more. With a rate acquisition rate of 100%, the possession rate of the “consumable battle side” or 75%or more, from 12 in the betting ticket with the rates of the “consumable battle side”, other than that, the rates of the “exhaustion battle side” From 27 non -possessed 43 owns and non -possessed 43 horses, 1 from 27. From 6 horses in the second place to the majority of the number to the most in the betting ticket, 20 to 7, which falls under the most group, all 20 betting tickets that do not fall into the majority of the majority. The optimal rate is 3 to 5 in the betting ticket, , and 3 to 1 from . Is 3. << General/Middle attribute >> 3/4 from the fifth place, 2nd place horses 2. 《Evacuation Battle side》 3/4 of the 6th place, 3rd place horses 2.・ The second horse is in the 7th place in the maximum forces, of which 2 from the second place. 《Evacuation Battle side》 3/4 of the third place, of which 1st place horses are 2.

* The following (A+to e-) evaluation is not absolute evaluation but relative evaluation.

[Complete score = 48.6p]

[Target horses: Precision a+]

・ Gigaking (Funabashi) [Conditions Achievement rate: 67.28% = 32.7p/48.6p] (6 popular)

[High condition achievement rate horse performance (2020 -cumulative)]

80%higher → In the betting ticket 10/52 [19.23%] → (2022 ~) 0/4 [0%]

70-79.99%→ In the betting ticket 57/139 [41.01%] → (2022 ~) 5/14 [35.71%]

(75-79.99%→ 26/60 in the betting ticket [43.33%]) → (2022 ~) 4/6 [66.67%]

(70-74.99%→ In the betting ticket 31/79 [40.26%]) → (2022 ~) 1/8 [12.5%]

60-69.99%→ In the betting ticket 152/391 [38.87%] → (2022 ~) 29/58 [50%]

(65-69.99% → Inside the betting ticket 74/167 [44.31]) → (2022 ~) 14/27 [51.85%]

(60-64.99%→ In the betting ticket 78/224 [34.82%] → (2022 ~) 15/31 [48.39%]

[Target horses: Precision B]

・ No Valenda (Kawasaki) [Conditions Achievement rate: 44.30% = 24.48-2.95p/48.6p] (2 popular)

・ Baden Virer (JRA) [Conditions rate: 43.70% = 24.16-2.92P/48.6p] (3-5 popular)

[Target horses: Convision C]

・ Keiai Purple (JRA) [Conditions rate: 38.81% = 21.03-2.17P/48.6p] (1 popular)

[Target horses: Convision d]

・ Teriosbell (JRA) [Conditions rate: 31.85% = 16.93-1.45p/48.6p] (3-5 popular)

[Target horses: accuracy e-]

・ Meishohung Jin 카지노 (JRA) [Conditions Achievement rate: 13.66% = 11.73-5.09P/48.6p] (7 popular)

・ Railgun (Iwate/Mizusawa) [Condition achievement rate: 12.72% = 12.71-6.53P/48.6p] (12 popular)

・ Meishoukazusa (JRA) [Conditions Achievement rate: 12.24% = 10.4-4.45p/48.6p] (3-5 popular)

Is this a real last performance?

Is this a real last performance? This is a children’s house, which is a relationship before I become a member, and this is the ninth time. Kuramochi, who has been the director since then, is a mother of a warm children’s house.

Kimi -san’s niece’s family also came to see it and it was exciting. However, we know the happening and we were so excited that Kimi’s face was funny and laughed at that time. She seemed to be quite concave, but she enjoyed us. She seemed to be quite concave, but she enjoyed us. After the show, I 바카라 heard that the director will quit this year … and the system of the hall may change, so this may have been the last day. It was a bit of a lonely last performance, but on the way back, I had a delicious dinner for Kimi -san’s mom. If you think, this is an overview of the performance that was given next time. By the way, suppose you will be able to put in a serious waist and start a New Year’s card.

Tweet | 2021-12-31 18:13 | Picture-story show performances | Trackback | Comments () << Are you going anymore? 2021 Watarenbo Santa Claus >>

Reed 90 brake touch? ?

I changed the Reed 90 brake oil that I was always worried about.

The reason is that if you hold the brake lever, the position of the lever is quite deep and you will be able to hold the accelerator slot.

The brakes aren’t working,

It’s kind of funny.

Maybe I’m chewing the air. It was troublesome to remove the cover, so I just procured.

I don’t have to get on the holidays, so

It was hot, but I did my best in the morning.

When I opened the lid, it was amazing. (@ _ @;)

Is it a sight you’ve never seen there …

The oil, which would normally be yellow, passed the yellow. Contains red brown oil.

Moreover, it was a very sticky mystery oil. In addition, the amount of oil was quite small and most of the reservoir tanks were empty.

I have never seen such a misery before. As a result, I was biting the air.

When I came to my house, the brake touch was solid, so I didn’t think it would be like this. It was completely no check.

When I was calm and started working, it was hard anyway. That’s pretty

The oil is not cleaned and the oil is not cleaned. I decided to use oil about 3 times as usual. For the time being, the oil change is over.

You can replace the dirt on the oil, but the oil was very reduced.

I’m curious. The brake pads are quite rich, so at worst, they may be leaking from somewhere, but I don’t know for the time being, so I’ll add oil normally and see them for a while.

After all it is an old bike, so be careful.
• Reed 90
• maintenance
• Repair everyone’s lead 90 is read 4 Tweet. The reason is that if you hold the brake lever, the position of the lever is quite deep and you will be able to hold the accelerator slot. The brakes aren’t working, but it’s strange. Maybe I’m chewing the air. It was troublesome to remove the cover, so I just procured. It’s 온라인바카라 hot because I don’t have to go on a holiday, but I tried my best in the morning. When I opened the lid, it was amazing. (@ _ @;) Is it a sight you’ve never seen there … The oil, which would have been yellowish, would have passed the yellow. Contains red brown oil. Moreover, it was a very sticky mystery oil. In addition, the amount of oil was quite small and most of the reservoir tanks were empty. I have never seen such a misery before. As a result, I was biting the air. When I came to my house, the brake touch was solid, so I didn’t think it would be like this. It was completely no check. When I was calm and started working, it was hard anyway. Because it is difficult to remove dirt and the oil is not clean. I decided to use oil about 3 times as usual. For the time being, the oil change is over. You can replace the dirt on the oil, but I’m also worried that the oil was very reduced. The brake pads are quite rich, so at worst, they may be leaking from somewhere, but I don’t know for the time being, so I’ll add oil normally and see them for a while. After all it is an old bike, so be careful.

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“Dior’s New Restaurant / Monsieur Dior”

hello. It is notor Paris. Thank you for visiting.

The DIOR head office on Montenu Street has been working on Corona for a long time.

Then, on the Champs -en -dori dori, we have already released a new shop in front of Corona, and we are currently purchasing a building next to the Lv head office in Corona.

Below is a new shop made in front of Corona on the Champs -en -dori.

The following is the Dior Building currently under construction.

How has the original Dior on the main store on Montenu Street changed?

It looks like there is no major change in appearance. 。 。 。

In fact, the inside is reborn like a Dior department store!

There is a cafe where you can take out the restaurant Moch Dior and the cake.

All DIOR products, jewelry, back, men’s and ladies are all in this building.

Previously, there were many Dior products in another address along this street, such as interiors and jewelry.

It seems that you can see art in the Dior Gallery in the next building.

The above building was like a Dior department store.

For lunch today, we have a meal at the Restaurant Mush Dior.

The restaurant, which just opened in mid -March, was hard to make a reservation and was today.

Moreover, the lunch time is decided, and you can only make a reservation at 12:00. When it is full of 12 o’clock, it seems to make a late reservation to make two rotations.

The entrance enters from the same place as the conventional shop.

A friend, who was meeting directly at the restaurant, said that he didn’t seem to be an entrance with a restaurant, and he went to a different place and was late.

The restaurant is a stylish interior

Baccarat glass designed for DIOR interior shops and DIOR.

As usual, we meet directly with friends at the restaurant.

While waiting for a friend, today is a blissful time to see the menu while asking for a glass wine sun sale white. (´ `)

The menu is as follows.

There was no menu on the site. The chef here also serves as a chef of the Palace Plaza Athens, and the hotel’s shop has become one star.

It seems that the old -fashioned Alanda Ducas restaurant was gone, and the interior was replaced, and it became a new chef shop, so if you have the opportunity, someday …

I am a green vegetable and herbal risotto.

It was very delicious.

My friend is a flounder fish Churboro.

I had about two cups in a good volume. (´ `)

Next to my friend, the 바카라 dog shines and the scent of our dishes. (´ `)

Is it dignified because you’re a boy? (´ `)

No vacant tables. 。 。

The wall on one side is a red -based photo mosaic pattern.

The glass is a collaboration between DIOR and Baccarat.

Both desserts, Vanilla and Bourbon francs

My friend is always tea. I always have an Express coffee with noisette = milk.

I came almost on the first ride, but my neighbor was over and returned home.

Dessert cakes were lined up.

When we returned, this was so good, and the second reserved people were lined up!

Customers will enter more and more.

The window of the restaurant faces the inner yard, and there is a cafe under it.

The restaurant is on the second floor and the cafe is on the first floor.

Dior interior table coordination is very nice.

My favorite table coordination ♡

Dior and Baccarat collaboration products are also on sale.

Below is the DIOR interior tableware corner.

On the way back, I bought a cake by a cafe.

It’s the same as a restaurant dessert, but this is one -person size.

Next time, it seems good to have tea and cake here.

Cafe garden.

The tulip was planted in the soil.


There were about two events during these three consecutive holidays!

On the day of Respect for the Elderly (My Day?), I went to the morning routine coffee and the morning bath, and the nearby “Tonogi Arena”.

The kendo tools of my daughter are also heavy, but the rain and wind were strong due to the typhoon, so I went to the car a little earlier and went to the site, but the parking lot was full and I was alone for about 20 minutes. I was waiting.

In the morning, junior high school students and high school students were watching the game until the evening, in the afternoon, in the morning and lunch.

This time, my daughter was a junior high school group C, so I went to see it to watch the game, but I was hungry for about 6 hours. smile;)

Unlike the previous assumptions, it was a busy day that I couldn’t do pachislot, such as going to “Autobacs” to “Autobacs” for a vehicle inspection, because I was still living in Japan and just participated in new jobs!

That’s right! That’s right!

Yesterday, in the rain, the local Musashi -Shinshiro for the first time in three years? It was “Sambar Festival”, but I went 룰렛 to watch the game!

After watching the game, all the brides of the annual event were gathered with P Nag loops and had a “party” for a total of about 20 people at a nearby acquaintance’s house!

I went to watch the game from 12:00 on this day, and at 20:00 on the way home, I didn’t eat dinner satisfactorily, so on the way home, a ramen shop near my home would be a full closing!

Now that you are full, you have confirmed the free space on your PC disk at home by organizing your mobile phone, and after confirming the empty throttle, “Amazon” “M2.c: 512GB” (M2.C: 512GB “( I asked for the fastest Io speed), but for some reason it seems that it takes about two weeks!


Touho! Y (^-^;) m

The transportation network is dramatically improved.

There are not one or two factors to consider when investing, but we are especially noticeable. The best of them is whether it is a subway station. The subway is used by many people as public transportation. There are tremendous crowds when commuting. Since many office workers use the subway, it is impossible to check the station area when investing real estate.

Seoul already has a subway system like a huge complex spider web. When developing the station area, the scope of the station area varies slightly depending on the primary station and the secondary station area, but if it is defined as up to 500m around the station, the station area is more than the non -tax zone. The subway station is so tight. In addition, the transfer system is well equipped, so even a little far from the subway station, you can get out of the station and use the bus to arrive at the subway station. As a result, Seoul’s capital Seoul is easily moved anywhere through public transportation. Those who live in Seoul are so natural that they don’t feel how convenient it is, but even in the leading foreign cities, a city with a system that is as good as the public transportation in Seoul is hard to find.

In fact, there was a reason why public transportation was forced to develop. It is because of the tremendous road. Korea’s land area is about 1.1 million hectares (HA), ranking 107th in the world. The size of the country is the overwhelming first place in Russia, followed by Canada, the United States, China and Brazil. There are also countries that are considered to be a country that we can’t recognize, such as Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Even countries such as Uganda and Ghana are more than twice as big as Korea.

However, Korea’s population is about 52 million, ranking 28th in the world. Many population lives compared to the narrow land. Looking at the population density ranking, we are the top. In the ranking of Macau, Singapore, Vatican, and San Marino, Korea is the third place after Bangladesh and Taiwan in the rankings except for countries that are virtually urban countries.

Many population lives in a narrow land, where half of the population is in Seoul and the metropolitan area. The population of Seoul is about 9.5 million, and about one -fifth of the population lives. You can see how many people are concentrated in Seoul. Therefore, it is inevitable that commuting roads are parked. So most people don’t have a house, but they are used for weekend leisure and are not used for commute. In this environment, public transportation is inevitable. In addition, we should look quite important in the station that does not have to be very important in other countries.

However, 슬롯머신 the subway in Seoul is very sophisticated and tight, and the rail network is still long, compared to the construction of a convenient system. According to the public hearing data of the 4th National Rail Network Construction Plan of the Korea Transportation Research Institute announced on April 22, 21, 21, it is significantly lower than that of developed countries, even though the regional railway continues to expand, and France, France, Compared to Japan, it is more than 25%(about 1000km), and it is necessary to secure more than 4000 km of the population.

In addition, studying the regional development impact of the French high -speed railway, the difference in developmental development of high -speed railway and non -beneficiary regions was severe. Even in the high -speed rail beneficiary area, it was found to lead to higher regional development than the metropolitan city.

In areas where there is no high -speed train at all, it is impossible to develop high -speed iron anyway. However, it will not leave the local government to be slumped without doing anything. Therefore, we will try to maintain development in any way, whether we are making local specialties, trying to attract companies, or developing tourism products. In this way, even though it is slower than the high -speed train beneficiary or the metropolitan area, it develops. On the other hand, in the area near the high -speed railway city, there is high expectations for high -speed rail and rely on many. When only high -speed iron comes in, it will develop the business area, the population will flow, and the local economy will be greatly activated. Most people make common psychological errors, among which they have over -confidence and confirmation bias. In short, excessive conviction refers to a tendency for people to evaluate more generally compared to their own judgment or knowledge, and the confirmation bias only pays attention to information that consists of their beliefs and judgments, and other information is underestimated or ignored. It means a way.

The people near the high -speed railway will have over -confidence that their regions will develop greatly, and this conviction becomes confirmed, and this belief is solidified. So you will not care more about separate development or regional development. However, when the high -speed rail is opened, it is unexpectedly that there are not many benefits in nearby cities. Let’s take one example why I think so.

As mentioned at the first part of this part, the reason for the most commonly used means of public transportation is because of the advantages of on -time. It doesn’t matter if you promise with a friend, but it’s a big day if you’re late for your job. Even if I or or twice, my chest jumps, but I can’t say it more than many times. But if the bus or even taxi are blocked, there is no answer. Therefore, it is natural to use the subway that is the most variable and quickly moving.

However, in the vicinity of high -speed iron, the effect of moving quickly by using the subway is inevitably diluted. Because it is a nearby area, not a direct beneficiary of high -speed iron. At this time, the vehicle will be a bus or subway. Therefore, it is possible to use the high -speed rail after coming out of the house and using the bus or the subway to the high -speed rail area. This transfer is burdensome during the one -minute commute time. In the meantime, I went to work by using only buses or subways, but I had to change it to high -speed rail once more.

For example, let’s look at Seoul’s GTX-C line.

Since there is Suwon Station, Suwon is a GTX beneficiary area and Osan, located below Suwon, is a nearby area. In the same vein, Yongin is also a beneficiary area, and Gyeonggi -do Gwangju is a nearby area. Can you benefit from the GTX area? It would be even faster to just take a direct bus to Gangnam in front of the house to use the way to Gangnam from Gwangju, Gyeonggi -do to Yongin.

The same problem may be repeated. The GTX -A route is a route that passes through Gangnam, but there are only two stops in Suseo Station and Samsung Station. But what if my company is Seolleung Station or Gangnam Station? After getting off at Samsung Station, you need to change the train or bus. In the end, a citizen living in Gwangju, Gyeonggi -do, where there is a job near Gangnam Station, wants to go to work using GTX, take the bus or train to the GTX station, then go to GTX, get off at Samsung Station, and then change it back to the train or bus. You can only arrive at work. Considering that it takes a lot of time to change (especially the GTX, which is the railroad, GTX is built at 50 ~ 80m underground, it will take twice in time than the general subway), just take a direct bus in front of my house. Arrival can save you more time.

Since GTX is the first introduction to Korea, it is hard to predict exactly how much this traffic will affect the price increase in the area and surrounding areas. However, if you quote the case of France and interpret it in its own way, the GTX station will have a certain increase. This is already a phenomenon, and the price of apartments near GTX stops is close to the average value of apartments in Seoul. However, rather than a nearby city with GTX station, it is difficult to increase the price even if it is a certain distance from the GTX station. Of course, because of the expectation, it will be all together before the opening of the GTX. For example, in the case of Suwon Station GTX, it is natural that the price of apartments near Suwon Station rises.

However, even in the same Suwon city, the distance from the GTX should be used by other means of transportation anyway, so considering these time, it is not very efficient in terms of time saving when compared to the existing public transportation. Now, due to the powerful promotion effect of high -speed train, it is 10 minutes and 12 minutes to Gangnam, and it is increasingly shortened, but in the concept of door to door, the cost is more expensive, and the time shortening is unexpectedly effective. It may not be big. If you do not save more than the time you take to go to work, people will not use the GTX if they do not save than the time they take to work. However, the price has already risen due to expectations. Due to the nature of the downward rigidity of the real estate, the price that has been raised may not be lowered, but since the future price has already been shown, there is a risk of stagnating the price after the opening.

If you want to buy a house that will receive a good GTX, it is the wise strategy to buy an apartment for GTX. The gap between apartments and GTX walking apartments where you need to come to GTX using other public transportation will clearly widen.

Even now, the price difference between the station area and the non -station area is quite large. In Korea, whether or not the station area is so important. However, the subway continues to expand in the future. There are still a lot of places to rise. The government’s position also emphasizes the importance of railroads as a means to prevent the concentration of the metropolitan area and the extinction of locals. In addition, the importance of railroads with low greenhouse gas emissions is also highlighted, and as the use of railroads increases, traffic accidents reduce the effect.

As such, the government has a strong railroad expansion policy along with various social environmental reasons, so the price of housing near the area of ​​the region will continue to rise and the small aftermath will reach the surroundings.

Baccarat “2021ml” “Chanel N ° 5”

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“MGR Blog 161”

good morning!

This is Matsuura of MGR


The last day of the three consecutive holidays


“Housewife holiday day”

It ’s quite a household accident

I don’t think you can take a rest

Try to release stress today

What do you think.

“Wait for you to come to the store”

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Drug scandals that occurred in Germany in the 1960s

Since I came to Germany, I often saw people with disabilities with short arms and legs that I had never seen in Korea. Looking at them, they wondered why they had a short arm. The cause of this disorder is drugs. The drugs that their mother had taken at the beginning of her pregnancy caused her to be influenced by her fetal joints and had short limbs and toe malformations. In Germany, these babies were born in the early 1960s. This is a contergan scandal.

Not long ago, I had to prepare a presentation in German classes, so I studied with this topic and gave a presentation. Wikipedia and several cuples and conferences were found and prepared for the presentation. It is a pity in many ways, such as pregnant women and babies, who have a few thousand pregnant women, the end of the trial without the punishment of the offender, and the survivors are still dissatisfied with the compensation.

Conesign was developed by a pharmaceutical company called Grünenthal in the late 1950s and sold as a sleeping or sedative agent in Germany since the early 1960s. At that time, people were able to buy the drug without a doctor’s prescription, and everyone was a universal drug that rolled around the chest of the house. More than 5 million people took the drug in Germany alone, more than 10,000 people suffered or died of side effects of the drug, and 2,400 still lived and continued their lives.

The story is a two scientist Dr. of the mid -1950s. Kunz and Dr. It starts with Keller. They succeeded in developing drugs of sedative ingredients called Talidomid and completed animal experiments. During the experiment, the commercial sales began with the name of the convention as a sedative or sleeping agent, considering the soothing effect on the seizure of epilepsy patients during the experiment. Concores, which are based on advertising, were sold in popularity, and anyone could easily be purchased at pharmacies without prescriptions, and signed an overseas sales license agreement thanks to successful sales in Korea.

After that, many pregnant women took the drug that the convention was effective in the pregnant woman’s morning sickness. In 1961, children who had short arms and legs or malformed children began to be born. In 10 months at the Crapfeld General Hospital, children with 13 joint malformations were born. However, there was still no accurate aggregation of how many joint malformations were born nationwide. During World War II, the Hitler regime was killed by a group of children with disabilities, and it was considered to be a recording of the child’s disability after the previous time. As children with short arms and legs were born one after another, parents and scientists began to wonder what the cause was. Nobody could guess the exact cause, just guessing various causes, such as nuclear exposure, television radio waves, or spouse’s alcoholism.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lentz, a pediatrician of Hamburg, has found that there is a correlation between the conquer and the fetal joint type. After revealing the facts, he contacted the Grow Nental Pharmaceutical company to reveal the serious side effects of the drug, but the pharmaceutical company did not respond much. The doctor immediately visited the Ministry of Health and Welfare, but he also received a reaction that did not meet expectations. The Ministry of Health and Welfare proposed to finish the case in the lines of prohibiting taking pregnant women in the drug manual. Dr. Lentz contributed his research as an anonymous newspaper on Sunday, November 26, 1961, with a weapon of his research in a newspaper called WELT AM Sonntag. The reaction is so large that the Grow -Nantal Pharmaceutical Company began to immediately collect the drugs distributed on the market the next day.

The scandal that began in this way gave birth to another scandal throughout the society. A criminal who killed a baby with a disability (in Germany called the children who were born with a deformed child), a non -parent who abandoned the baby in an orphanage, and a US celebrity who took conesters during pregnancy during pregnancy abortion Concentrate scandals, such as leaving the forbidden United States and talking about abortion in Sweden, drove not only Germany but also around the world.

This interest has led to trial. The trial began a few years after the victims were so many victims and the data were enormous. The trial was not originally a trial for the victim’s compensation, but began as a criminal trial to judge nine employees. The conqueran trial, which began in Aachen in 1968, was so narrow that the court’s space was so narrow that it was so narrow that it was so narrow that it had to borrow a casino near Aachen and proceed with the trial.

Thirty2 of the victims were recognized as a common source, and their agent was Rover Tchneider, a law professor and lawyer at the University of Cologne. He was also the father of a baby in a conquer. There were a total of 120 witnesses and the trial was held for 283 days. At the end of the trial, a lawyer, Schneider, agreed to conclude a compensation with the pharmaceutical company, Ladental. This includes the monthly compensation to be paid to the victim and the one -time compensation to be paid at once, and the condition that the additional lawsuit is impossible. In addition, the Grow Nental promised to establish a foundation to support the victims of the containers.

It took place for 283 days, but the trial ended without ending. None of the perpetrators have been punished, but the reason is as follows.

1. Their criminal acts are minimal because they are sentenced to nine defendants.

2. The Grow Nental Pharmaceutical Company has already completed compensation with the victims at the company level.

Thus, the container scandal was compensated from the offender to the victim, and the event was terminated without anyone responsible.

Many people die and have a lifetime to live with disabilities. This fact is not understood from our perspective today, but it can be interpreted differently from the time. At the time, the pharmaceutical company launched a medicine, and there was no test for animals and people over enough time. There was also no organization that could inspect and regulate the drug to be released by the pharmaceutical company. Therefore, experiments and tests on drugs were only for the pharmaceutical company that made the drug. The pharmaceutical company, Ligental, can be said to have launched the drug through the general process that was done at the time.

The conferred scandal was a big contribution to changing the practices that did at the time. Since the scandal, Germany has established the BFARM (BFANDESINSINTITUT Für Arzneimittel und UndizitTel und 카지노사이트 Medizin Produkte), an institution that examines and determines the upcoming drug.

Founded in Aachen in 1946, La Gental, a pharmaceutical company, has grown alive after the scandal, with 4,700 employees. In front of the Growenantal building, demonstrations of victims between conferers are now continuing. Talidomid, a component of cones that was banned after the scandal, was re -approved as a drug for treating nodules and multiple myeloma in the 1990s. Talidomid was also sold in South America in the 1990s, and a baby with disabilities was still born due to taking pregnant women who could not read.

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A gift from the cheetah? “GTA Online” Account hack If it was restored from damage, it had 2 billion casino 크레이지슬롯 chips

A gift from the cheetah? “GTA Online” Account hack If it was restored from damage, it had 2 billion casino chips

In the GTA Online, where Rockstar Games is being developed, there is a rare event that the account -hacked user returned to the billionaire.

It was the user Moistwave of the same work. He seemed to have been hacked an account when he wasn’t playing the game, and noticed that his account had been changed when he tried to reset his password. After that, the account was restored. When I played it right away, he said he had about 2 billion chips used in the “diamond casino & resort” in the game.

He replied to an overseas media PCGamesn interview, “I don’t know what happened.” In addition, it seems that there is no approach from rock star games at this time for this “unexpected present”.

The company’s GTA Online and Red Dead Online have been reported to many cheetahs. Recently, during the drive, a monkey suddenly appeared in front of me (“GTA Online”), and when I was running on a horse, a bear and crocodile suddenly appeared and was killed (“Red Dead Online). “),” Suddenly, my character suddenly transformed into a UFO (“Red Dead Online”) has been reported.

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This is the next generation flagship of Jeep! The new electric premium SUV “Wagonia S” will be released in 2023 (Vague)

After the first public release in 2023, sales in the world including Europe, including Europe, are newly launched on September 8, 2022, on September 8, 2022, to the premium SUV “WAGONEER”. ) We announced that the model “Wagonia S” will be added. [Image] Jeep is also 바카라사이트 EV offensive! Check out the new EV lineup that will appear in the future (16 pieces) Jeep flagship EV “Wagonia S”. In 2023, his Jeep, which is scheduled to be released in the world for the first time, announced a comprehensive plan on a number of full -electric (ZEV) “4XE” models on the official youtube channel on that day. According to the report, 50%of the new jeep brand sales in the United States by 2030 will be ZEV, and the 100%of the new cars sold in Europe will be ZEV by the same year. In line with the plan, this time, four new BEV models have been announced, but the focus is on Wagonia S. Wagonia S is the latest SUV that combines a unique and glossy aerodynamic design and a 4×4 performance unique to jeep. This global SUV, which is provided only by BEV, boasts up to 400 miles (about 640 km) in one full charge. In addition, the powertrain with a maximum output of 600 horsepower accelerates the still 60 miles per hour (about 96 km / h) in just 3.5 seconds. The traditional seven -slot grille of Jeep’s embedded LED is fused into an aerodynamic exterior and a side silhouette that can be seen as a wagon at a glance. According to Jeep Brand CEO Christian Munier, “Technology and Craft Mansip, off -road performance and athletic performance, and a performance that achieves 400 miles (about 640 km) in one full charge. I want customers to be pleased with the SUV. ” The new Wagonia S will be released in 2023 and will start production in North America in 2024. In the United States, Wagonia S can be reserved at the beginning of 2023. Later, sales will be launched in countries around the world, including Europe.


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“Rating table of Unicorn S for 2018 to 2021 and aptitude value analysis results ② (2/3)”

[2020 Unicorn S]

2020.6.21 25th Unicorn Stakes (GⅢ)) Tokyo / Dart 1600m Frame Horse Horse name


Rate 5 runs Acquisition Before Run 3ring 3ring 3ring 5 Runes 5 Runes 1 Duudvan

(Declaration of War / 5 7 8 8 Cafe Pharaoh

* () = The parenthesis is the invalid rate notation by the turf race running.

* The underline is notation of rate acquisition at the approximation distance of this race (= dirt 1600-1700m).

* /The notation cannot be obtained at the approximation distance of this race (= dirt 1600-1700m).

“Rating table of Unicorn S and aptitude value analysis results for Unicorn S for 2018-2021” [Unicorn S in 2018, 2019] 2018.6.17 23rd Unicorn Stakes (GⅢ) Tokyo/Dart 1600m frame … ( 1st place aptitude value): Tokino Pirates (13 popular) → 6th place (2nd aptitude value): Levans Rave (1 popular) → 1st place (3rd aptitude value): Komabisho (5 popular) → 8th (Aptitude value 4) Learn): Harvest Moon (4 popular) → 13th place (5th aptitude value): Seen cool guy (16 popular) → 5th place (6th aptitude value): Engrower (7 popular) → 3rd place (1st in the aptitude value) : Taisaya Benir (15 popular) → 15th (2nd aptitude value): Mick Bencher (14 popular) → 11th (3rd aptitude value): Best Myway (12 popular) → 16th (5th aptitude): Great time (3 popular) → 2nd place (6th aptitude value): Engrower (7 popular) → 3rd place (1st in the aptitude value): Ryonotesolo (6 popular) → 7th (2nd in the aptitude): Harvest Moon (Harvest Moon (Harvest Moon) 4 popular) → 13th place (3rd aptitude value): Danqueen (12 popular) → 12th (4th aptitude value): Pros Pallas Days (8 popular) → 10th (5th aptitude value): Komabisho (5 popular) ) → Five runs before 8 races are not eligible for ranking because they are running in the grass race (; ^^ ゞ (1st in the aptitude value): Vitabric (4 popular) → 11th (2nd appropriate value): Dantz Castle (6) Popular) → 3rd place (3rd aptitude value): Dea Frug (1 popular) → 7th place (4th aptitude value): Onza Way (13 popular) → 12th (5th aptitude value): No Valenda (5 popular) → 9th place (1st place aptitude value): Vanilla ice cream (8 popular) → 4th place (2nd aptitude value): Ashakatbu (9 popular) → 6th place (3rd aptitude value): Det process (2 popular) → 2 (2) Aptitude value 4th place): New monument (7 popular) → 10th (5th aptitude value): Zadifalence (12 popular) → 8th (1st in the aptitude value): Zadifference (12 popular) → 8th (8) Aptitude value 2nd): Deven process (2 popular) → 2nd place (3rd aptitude value): Elmontro (10 popular) → 5th place (4th aptitude value): Newm New (7 popular) → 10 arrivals

(5th place aptitude value): Vanilla ice cream (8 popular) → 4th place (1st in the aptitude value): Cafe Pharaoh (1 popular) → 1st place (2nd aptitude value): Meisho Bengal (7 popular) → 10 clothes (suitable) Value 3rd): Duudvan (3 popular) → 2nd place (4th aptitude value): Satonora Far (5 popular) → 15th (5th aptitude value): Kensinko (11 popular) → 3rd (Aptitude value 1) Learn): Sunrise Hope (9 popular) → 8th place (2nd aptitude value): Apollo Velia (16 popular) → 16th 슬롯머신사이트 (3rd aptitude value): Retcer Baroque (2 popular) → 9th place (4th aptitude value) : Auroratesolo (15 popular) → 12th (5th aptitude value): Kitano Ott pass (8 popular) → 5th (1st in the aptitude value): Full flat (6 popular) → 6th place (2nd aptitude value): Tagano Beauty (4 popular) → 13th place (3rd aptitude value): Thunder Blitz (10 popular) → 4th place (4th aptitude value): Auroratesolo (15 popular) → 12th (5th aptitude value): Kitano Oto Pass (8 popular) → 5th place << Comprehensive / Middle attribute >>> (≒+7%) 《Evacuation Battle side》 > (=+42%) 《Decisive hand》 《Decision side》 > (≒+29%) 《General) 《General ・ Intermediate attribute >>> (≒+2.5%) 《Equipment battle side》

A new shop with the latest autumn and winter collections is a stylish space full of world view of the world view of THOM BROWNE (Tom Brown) on the 2nd floor of Kobe Hankyu New Building. The bar uses a special Baccarat glass that designer Tom Brown himself loves and loves to enjoy a luxurious atmosphere. [Image] See the world’s first bar new bar, Tom Brown, which is also preferred for Tom Brown, is currently available in medium -gray Tom Brown, which is currently available in more than 300 famous department stores and specialized boutiques. Major cities such as New York, London, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Seoul have 90 directly managed 바카라사이트 stores, flagship stores, and shop -in -shops. The interior of the new store opened on the 2nd floor of Kobe Hankyu New Building is a brand theme color and is unified with medium gray, which is also preferred by Tom Brown. Not only classic items, but also the latest collections, we will line up stores limited to stores, such as the bright color of this season. While watching the inside of the store, only the bars are used, and in the OK Bar, in addition to champagne, wine, whiskey, non -alcoholic drinks are also available in special Baccarat glasses. You can use the bar only, and you can spend a special time wrapped in his brown world view. In addition, the item that collaborates with Baccarat glass and Tom Brown candles is a valuable item that uses discontinued Baccarat glass, and can be used as a glass after using it as a candle, so it is ideal for gifts. Other collaboration items are also scheduled to be lined up. The latest collection is a playful classic! Tom Brown 2022-23 Fall / Winter Women’s & Men’s Collection expresses the “toy shop” that adult Neuyokers come one after another to find their true self. Playful = play is a classic tweed tailored suit, creating a toy -like world by simultaneously mimic it into various forms. The gray of the brand theme color, red, white, blue gold, green, orange combined with a college -colored silk Mogadorjacard and layered. Handmade cashimi knits further enhance traditional fabrics and vivid silk.