If you travel, your daily routine will change, but if you can, you want to continue learning Spanish.


Thank you for having a good time to meet your old friends.

There is a new encounter in business, and it is likely to be taken care of in the future.

This time I returned to my house in 8 hours.

It is a mountain I wanted to climb and see.

4421 meters, the most altitude among 49 states excluding Alaska in the United States. It seems to climb from the East Sierra side. Every year, only the number of people who are determined can be climbed and are allowed by lottery.

The image borrowed from the site is Mt. Witney.

I often want to know the pleasure of climbing when I was young, but I think that if I started to be young, I would step off my feet and think that it might be on the sky now.

What looks black indicates that this area was once a volcano.

The East Sierra Mountains seen from the car window will continue endlessly.

It is driving for two hours today.

By the way, the breakfast was over and we arrived.

There is no gambling this time, we do not like it. The reason I stayed at the casino was because I wanted to see this city.

The casino in the early morning is lonely.

The orange lid is a coffee pot without my caffeine.

In addition to mug coffee, there is a pot with a pot.

I thought it was just coffee, but it was a long time breakfast after a long time with my husband, who is not bad to break the habit.

It has been two and a half years since I started breaking breakfast for 16 hours by fasting, but I want to continue this too.

What about the hotel breakfast?

In 메가슬롯 addition, the service is bad, so there is no angry.

Cheap accommodation expenses, on Friday, up 30 % the day before, and doubled on Saturdays.

Then, if you say it when you check in, you will be convinced!

My husband says, there are few workers due to corona infection and I can’t turn around.

On the night of the second day, the hotel side, who complained together and raised the summary, just renewed the towel (angry (angry)

This hotel, the service is bad, I did not come to cleaning on the second day, so I told the front desk, but there was no that day. You don’t have to change towels every day because of the lack of water, but I want you to come to cleaning and make a bed.

I’m more and more impatient when I can’t use it, but at night I realized that I should use his hot spot on the iPhone. When I was relieved, I contacted me that I could use WiFi, so I went to the desk to learn.

It is 553 days every day, but the hotel’s WiFi has fallen and neither IMAC nor IPAD can be used.

Change the habit

However, Mr. Igawa, who was arrested by a casino, is reluctant. We Japanese should imitate such thickness.

I want to say, “You’re dangerous!” He is also challenging his life return match on 카지노 YouTube.

I’ve heard that Chinese Chinese Chinese are good at pretending to be dead and escaping.

Why don’t Japanese people put dead tactics into one of the ways of life?