hello. It is notor Paris. Thank you for visiting.

The DIOR head office on Montenu Street has been working on Corona for a long time.

Then, on the Champs -en -dori dori, we have already released a new shop in front of Corona, and we are currently purchasing a building next to the Lv head office in Corona.

Below is a new shop made in front of Corona on the Champs -en -dori.

The following is the Dior Building currently under construction.

How has the original Dior on the main store on Montenu Street changed?

It looks like there is no major change in appearance. 。 。 。

In fact, the inside is reborn like a Dior department store!

There is a cafe where you can take out the restaurant Moch Dior and the cake.

All DIOR products, jewelry, back, men’s and ladies are all in this building.

Previously, there were many Dior products in another address along this street, such as interiors and jewelry.

It seems that you can see art in the Dior Gallery in the next building.

The above building was like a Dior department store.

For lunch today, we have a meal at the Restaurant Mush Dior.

The restaurant, which just opened in mid -March, was hard to make a reservation and was today.

Moreover, the lunch time is decided, and you can only make a reservation at 12:00. When it is full of 12 o’clock, it seems to make a late reservation to make two rotations.

The entrance enters from the same place as the conventional shop.

A friend, who was meeting directly at the restaurant, said that he didn’t seem to be an entrance with a restaurant, and he went to a different place and was late.

The restaurant is a stylish interior

Baccarat glass designed for DIOR interior shops and DIOR.

As usual, we meet directly with friends at the restaurant.

While waiting for a friend, today is a blissful time to see the menu while asking for a glass wine sun sale white. (´ `)

The menu is as follows.

There was no menu on the site. The chef here also serves as a chef of the Palace Plaza Athens, and the hotel’s shop has become one star.

It seems that the old -fashioned Alanda Ducas restaurant was gone, and the interior was replaced, and it became a new chef shop, so if you have the opportunity, someday …

I am a green vegetable and herbal risotto.

It was very delicious.

My friend is a flounder fish Churboro.

I had about two cups in a good volume. (´ `)

Next to my friend, the 바카라 dog shines and the scent of our dishes. (´ `)

Is it dignified because you’re a boy? (´ `)

No vacant tables. 。 。

The wall on one side is a red -based photo mosaic pattern.

The glass is a collaboration between DIOR and Baccarat.

Both desserts, Vanilla and Bourbon francs

My friend is always tea. I always have an Express coffee with noisette = milk.

I came almost on the first ride, but my neighbor was over and returned home.

Dessert cakes were lined up.

When we returned, this was so good, and the second reserved people were lined up!

Customers will enter more and more.

The window of the restaurant faces the inner yard, and there is a cafe under it.

The restaurant is on the second floor and the cafe is on the first floor.

Dior interior table coordination is very nice.

My favorite table coordination ♡

Dior and Baccarat collaboration products are also on sale.

Below is the DIOR interior tableware corner.

On the way back, I bought a cake by a cafe.

It’s the same as a restaurant dessert, but this is one -person size.

Next time, it seems good to have tea and cake here.

Cafe garden.

The tulip was planted in the soil.


There were about two events during these three consecutive holidays!

On the day of Respect for the Elderly (My Day?), I went to the morning routine coffee and the morning bath, and the nearby “Tonogi Arena”.

The kendo tools of my daughter are also heavy, but the rain and wind were strong due to the typhoon, so I went to the car a little earlier and went to the site, but the parking lot was full and I was alone for about 20 minutes. I was waiting.

In the morning, junior high school students and high school students were watching the game until the evening, in the afternoon, in the morning and lunch.

This time, my daughter was a junior high school group C, so I went to see it to watch the game, but I was hungry for about 6 hours. smile;)

Unlike the previous assumptions, it was a busy day that I couldn’t do pachislot, such as going to “Autobacs” to “Autobacs” for a vehicle inspection, because I was still living in Japan and just participated in new jobs!

That’s right! That’s right!

Yesterday, in the rain, the local Musashi -Shinshiro for the first time in three years? It was “Sambar Festival”, but I went 룰렛 to watch the game!

After watching the game, all the brides of the annual event were gathered with P Nag loops and had a “party” for a total of about 20 people at a nearby acquaintance’s house!

I went to watch the game from 12:00 on this day, and at 20:00 on the way home, I didn’t eat dinner satisfactorily, so on the way home, a ramen shop near my home would be a full closing!

Now that you are full, you have confirmed the free space on your PC disk at home by organizing your mobile phone, and after confirming the empty throttle, “Amazon” “M2.c: 512GB” (M2.C: 512GB “( I asked for the fastest Io speed), but for some reason it seems that it takes about two weeks!


Touho! Y (^-^;) m