This no computer is sold out.

Thank you very much.

Introducing used laptops released for corporations.

It is a Lifebook made by Fujitsu.

There is only for corporations, and the appearance is quite good.

On the left is a LAN terminal, RGB output, HDMI output, USB port, and an SD card slot.

On the right is a DVD Super Multi Drive, USB3.0 port x 2, headphones, and microphone terminals.

The state of the keyboard looks like this.

Microsoft Office Pro (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) is also installed.

The detailed specifications are as follows.

・ Base unit: Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E756/P

・ OS: Windows10 Pro 64bit

・ CPU: Intel Core i5-6300U 2.40GHz 2 core/4 threads

・ Memory: 8GB

・ Storage: 240GB SSD

・ Optical drive: DVD Super Multi Drive

・ LCD size: 15.6 type

・ MicrosftOffice 2021 Pro (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.)

・ External dimensions: 374 x 250 x 19.7-26.9mm

・ Weight: about 2.0kg

* Web cameras are not built -in

This laptop

We offer 38,800 yen (tax included).

Also, moving data from old personal computers,

If you need 슬롯머신 the initial setting costs (such as printers or email settings), we will accept them at an extra charge.

If you wish, please contact Yumeto Kaneko Castle.

Thank you ( *・ ω ・) *_ _)

Good evening,

Today is the introduction of the comfort of Regius Ace for the first time in a long time.

Throttle controller,

I wasn’t going to touch this kind of part with this car now, but I just got it.

*** When I was watching the introduction video on Tube, I wanted to try it. It is simple. (^^ ゞ << Link I purchased this MAX ★ Orido Racing sensitivity MAX. Perhaps some people are worried? I don’t think you’ve seen many review comments attached to Hiace and Regius Ace. So I became a human pillar. smile Here is the web page of the product. << LINK I heard the rumor, but the product name is the product name, so the person who received it may misunderstand … It’s not suspicious. smile It is a bundle. This is all. You may forgot to write the compatible car names. There is no part number or serial number, but I wanted it from a traceability perspective because there was something wrong. I don’t know what is inside. Installation is very easy. Just let the sensitivity MAX break into the red circle in the photo. We have a car inspection with a dealer, and it may be better to return it at the time of vehicle inspection, so this is easy. The body was pasted on the battery with a velcro tape. After installation, I ran 2000km, but the following is an impression. Our Regius Ace is a 4WD 4WD of the 4 -inch 2700cc. In normal, Mossari, which is Mossari, you can see if you are on the same car, but this has clearly improved. I understand immediately. It feels good to start. I’m quite impressed. However, the weight of the car is heavy, so it doesn’t look like Noah or Boxy. Then I feel like I haven’t kicked down easily. If you step on it strongly, it will fall as before, but it feels sticky. If it is a loose slope, it is an impression that it will climb up without losing the gear. Although it is high speed, I do not feel that the running has changed especially. (It is an individual impression) Did fuel economy become the 솔레어카지노사이트 same or a little worse in town riding in the city?

It feels like that.

However, I think that long distance including high speed has improved.

As you can see from the graph of the fuel efficiency record below,

The first fuel efficiency calculation of gasoline after the slocon is installed is February 11th.

After that day, the number of liters exceeded 8 kilograms on a way out.

(From January, Kanagawa <=> Hakuba has been made several times.)

9 kilograms of liter that rarely record is already over twice.

Over 9 kilometers, the graph below, since the Kanetsu Road, returned from Hokkaido last August.

The fuel economy of the city riding may be slightly lower, but the smoothness of starting will increase. The driving of a fun Regius has become more fun. (Compared to our company)

The price is not cheap, but I am satisfied with the purchase.

I can recommend it personally.

I can’t rely on it because it’s my personal impression,

Max ★ Those who are worried about the sensitivity MAX of Orido Racing,

Please refer to half the story.

November 5 postscript

Since spring, the number of outs has decreased due to the influence of Corona.

Although it is the main run in the city, the average fuel efficiency is less than 6 to 6 km with a 2700cc gasoline 4WD.

The fuel efficiency of the city riding seems to be almost the same as before the installation.

There was a car inspection in July and I removed it once, but it is still not enough.

Immediately after the vehicle inspection was over, it was re -installed.