“God Father Part II”

The Godfaterer Coda


Movie Talky 158 minutes color

December 4, 2020 Released in the United States

Released in Japan on February 27, 2022 (2022)

United States of United States

Production language Italian English

Production company American Zoetrope

Distribution paramount

Production General Conductor Fred Fix

Nicholas Gage

Original Mario Puso

Screenplay Mario Puso

Francis Ford Coppola

Music Nino Lotor

Carmine Coppola

Shooting Gordon Willis

Editing Lisa Flagman

Barry Markin

Walter March

The theme song Harry Connic Junior

Promise me you’ll remember


Al Pachino (Michael Corleone)

Diane Keaton (Kei Adams Michaelson)

Talia Shiia (Constantia “Connie” ・

Corleone Ritzi)

Andy Garcia (after Vinsez Mansini

Vincent Mansini


Sofia Coppola (Mary Corleone)

Joe Mantenha (Joey Zaza)

Bridget Fonda (Grace Hamilton)

Frank Damblosio (Anthony Corleone)

Teri Librano (Teresa Heigen)

Richard Bright (Alne Belt “Al” Neri)

George Hamilton (B / J. Harrison)

John Savage (Andrew Haygen)

Franco Chitti (Carlo)

Al Martino (Johnny Fontane)

Ginny Linero (Lucy Mansini)

Donal Donnie (Bishop Goldi)

Enzo Brody (Don Locage)

Don Novello (Dominik Abbandand)

Vitrio Dues (Don Tomasino)

Mario Donatone (Mosca)

Roberto Chicini (Lou Penino)

Bito Anzofermo (Antony Squillaro)

Rogerio Miranda (Armand)

Carlos Miranda (Francisco)

Gia Coppola (Connie’s granddaughter)

Carmine Coppola (conductor)

James Khan (Santino “Sony” Colleone photo appeared)

James Gonaris (Shonen’s Anthony Corleone photo appeared)

Julie Greg (Sandra Colleone photo appeared)

Gianni Russo (Carlo Ritzi photo appeared)

Mogana King (Mama Corleone photo appeared)

Robert Duval (Tom Haygen’s photo appeared)

John Kazaul (Frederico “Fredo” ・

Colleone photo appearances)

Simonetta Stefanelli (Apollonia photo / quoted video appearance)

Helmut Burger (Frederick Cainzig)

Irai Wolak (Don Altoberro)

Rough Valone (Cardinal Lambert)

Robert de Niro (young Vito Corleone photo appeared)

Marlon Brand (Vito Corleone photo appeared)

Director Francis Ford Coppola

☆ View date and time

Ordinance 4th year (2022) February 27th

TOHO Cinemas Umeda Annex

Annex Theater 9 F -2 seats

Ordinance 4th year (2022) April 24 9:45

Kyoto Cinema Theater 3 H -1 seat

The impressions mention the core and end of the drama.

Please be careful if you have not seen it

1979 Bishops of the Vatican believe in a friend

He said he used it and embezzled his colleagues and used it

Mai, fill in the correeon family God

Ask Farzardon Michael Corleone.

“Friendship and gold are water and oil,” Michael is Gildi.


Michael is Vito Corle, named his father’s name

Student assistance and medical support from the Orane Foundation, and

I made a lot of donations as a fund for the series reconstruction

To be awarded to the Vatican and give a medal

It became.

The joy of his award is to his son Anthony and his daughter Mary

He talks on paper and calls “You are my treasure”

Get it.

Young Michael and Kay, Shonen Anthony / Girl

Mary’s photo and now youth Anthony Me

Ally’s photos are reflected.

“Your education has been left to your mother. Mother

She asked me to attend

“I want to meet my wife Kei, who broke up.

Michael put his home base again in New York

He sorrowful about the many deadly sins he once committed, and the atonement of his life

He was an old man to be an issue.

A grand celebration party will be held.

Kay attends with her husband, Michaelson.

Michael’s sister Konstanzia “Connie” Col

Leone sings an Italian song.

Vito’s friend Don Altovero sings.

Joey Zaza who makes a drug with drugs in Michael’s subordinates

The shadow stabs the blessing mood with a dissatisfied singing style

It was.

Death of Michael Connie’s deceased brother Santino “Sony”

His later Lucy Mansini is his son Vinsen

I gave birth.

Tom Haygen died, and his wife Teresa is a clergy

I attended the ceremony with her son Andrew.

D. J. Harrison is a family counselor

I’m in charge of Eri.

Vincent grows into a strong young man and wears leather jeans

He attended with his mother Lucy. Because there is no name in the roster

Vincent, who was told by the staff to be unrelated, gets angry.

Vincent invited Michael’s nephew and relatives

He was found to have been, and he was allowed to participate. Love from girls

Get a letter and it is a motemote.

Young and beautiful reporter Grace Hamilton Vinces

Tae pays attention to her legs and the beauty of her eyes.

Mary greets Vincent to reunite.

When she was 8 years old and Vincent was 15 years old, her relatives

I met at the wedding, but the memory of Vincent

do not have. He leaves only hints about who she is

Mary goes to the speech venue.

Michael is Mary Vito Corleone Foundation

Choosing her chairman, Mary talks about the speech while nervous

Donate $ 100 million in the Vatican through the Bishop of Gildi


Vincent is Michael’s daughter Mary and Ikoko

She realized that it was involved.

Michael, who received a sharp question from Grace, was alert

She ordered her to “drive away.” Don’s cold attitude

Grace is dissatisfied.

Hollywood Stejonny Fontane is a guest

Michael appears, but Michael is for office work.

He enters the house.

Kay celebrates Anthony’s sacrament in Nevada in 1958

She looks at a photo celebrating his son with Michael.

Hello! Kay.

Michael called out. Kay celebrates her medal

He asks him to take a consultation on Anthony’s career.

Anthony dropped out of learning at university and singer

She tells her dream that she wants to be. She may fail

Iker is canceled, and the legal degree is insurance after graduation

I ask you to help her work, but Anthony refuses


Anthony leaves her intentions firmly of her dropping out of college


“I know you killed Fredo

I’m going. Kay tells Michael. Social status

It is dangerous now that I got it, and when I was a member of the mafia

Kaya Kayo is careful and questions the ceremony she bought with money.


“I came to protect the children from you”

Michael’s heart is disturbed by Kay’s words.

I Spent My Life Protecting My Family.

“I dedicated my life to protect my family.”

Michael is bloodshed and violence Kay Anthony Mare

Lee and Corleeonepher’s Mysterious to protect

Shout that it was a battle.

Kay said, “Children love you, especially

Mary says.

Altovero made a large amount of donation to Michael. pose

Iker is grateful for her generosity.

Kay and Lucy at the party exchanged eye contact

For me. The two are friends on the day of Kay’s wedding reception

Noino secretly invited Lucy to have her relationship. this

The affair became the birth of Vincent.

Returning Michael calls Vincent in a commemorative photo.

Lucy is grateful for Michael’s consideration. Mary

She praise Vincent’s leather jacket.

After the cake cut, Michael is his beloved daughter Mary and Wal

Dance. Connie’s grandson grabs Mary’s skirt.

Michael also picked up Connie’s grandson, his daughter and sister’s grandson

And dance brilliantly.

Altvero admires and blesses.

Kay is frightened by her ex -husband Michael’s horror

She kisses Sony to protect Sony.

Vincent is the intense temper and fighting soul of his father

She was standing as a young mafia.

Michael is a cord of the correeone family

Try reconciliation between Joey Zaza and Vincent in the club

Seeing, Vincent bites Zaza’s ears and both are both

The relationship worsens.

To Michael dancing with his beloved daughter Mary

Friends and relatives at the venue give a great applause.

Vincent shares with grace, but stab

Inspired by two customers. One assassin becomes grace

Push the knife, Vincent captures another one


She said to the assassin who threatened to kill a woman.

is. She should do it without permission, “said Vincent, and he said

Shoot one person. The surviving assassin is scared. Gray

Vincent, who let go of the slice, asks the black curtain behind him

I will. Immediately after saying “Joey Zaza”, the assassin was vulgated

She was shot dead by Netsent.

Grace is afraid of Vincent’s cold action.

Michael vincent with a gun assassin

Is dissatisfied with the execution, calling the police and arrested

He says he should have been. Vincent is the name of Zaza in the black curtain

Emphasize that he has vomited, and Connie also defends. But

Michael strictly prohibits the conflict with Zaza in Vincent

I will.

International Inmobiare management rights

Gesture is Don Looca, which has an influence on the Vatican

Receive more obstruction.

Michael and his fellow Don are Atlack Shites

A casino hotel meeting was held, and Michael was a casino

I would like to give you a dividend because I will draw myself

Get out.

Zaza gets angry if it is an unreasonable treatment, and Altovero

“I will say it,” followed by.

Suddenly, Michael was attacked by a helicopter

The life of Vincent and the escort Albert Neri

Ess out the difficulties.

Altovero’s anger and his thoughts on his brother Fredo

Michael was struggling and collapsed in diabetes.

The funds that Michael invested is Ambrociano

She is embezzled in Frederick Cainogic.

Harrison is Guilty, Corleone and Vatican

Ask for a contract, but Gilty dodges.

Guilty is also a friend of the louge and Michael dies money

If it can be robbed, aim with Caingic.

Kay visited Michael, who had fallen due to diabetes.

Vincent and Mary have a love for cousin

Check each other.

Jenko Olive Oil in the city of New York

Looking at the signboard, Vincent works with his grandfather Vito.

He talks about the history of forming a family.

Vincent died before his birth, Santino

I think.

Mary killed her uncle Fredo, her father, Michael

Asked whether or not, Vincent firmly denies.

Vincent takes measures against Michael attack

I decided in consultation with Ni -Neri and forced it, and on the day of the festival

He shoots Zaza.

Michael is furious, and he keeps his attention not to happen.

I will.

Vincent Neri Connie happens on his own

He promises to Michael that he is not.

Michael called Vincent and said, “Your father is

He was very similar to you and was very sensitive and popular with the woman. me

I loved me, “he said,” Da

However, there was a lot of blood and it was trapped. Don’t make the same failure “

Asked, “What did you do to her daughter?”

He opposes him and advises, “The enemy aims for the loved one.”

Anthony is an opera at the Sicily Massimo Theater

Debu as a singer in Valeria Rutticana

-Decide to do and invite his family friend.

Michael travels to Sicily and his benefactor Don Tomacy

Teaching the name of Cardinal Lambert as a person who can trust No.

He is.

Listening to Sicily’s songs sung by Anthony, Michael

Is the best broken by Fabritzio, a subordinate of a traitor

Remember his first wife Apolonia and shed tears.

A wonderful daughter was betrayed by her subordinate and was killed

Michael talks to Anthony Mary and Mary

She banned dating with Vincent. Brother Anthony

Vincent is pointed out as dangerous, Mary

Her love for her forbidden cousin.

A photo of Apollonia, who was also a love enemy of her mother Kei

Mary stares.

Vincent was confined by Michael and Mary

She puts her to Altvero, saying that she can’t forgive her relationship with her

He approaches and acts as a spy, and the black curtain is in Don Leopage

He finds something.

Michael is an Irai drawn by Anthony as a boy

Show the strike to him. Anthony is saved by his father

Thank you for doing it.

Louge and Altovero plan to assassinate Michael

Hire the killer Mosca. Mosca is good at imitating donkey

Son is a great killer.

Michael meets Cardinal Lambert and Guilty

He laments the betrayal of teaching. Lambert is a fountain stone as an example

Europeans soaked in Christianity are also Kiris

He said that the teachings of Ta were not penetrating, and confessed to Michael

I recommended.

Michael remembers the crime of murder that has been committed so far

He cries and confesses his brother Fredo.

Lambert hears the confession and forgives terrible crimes.

Michael reports that Connie has confessed.

Connie says that it is dangerous and dangerous. Crawling up

It was my life, but the more I went up, the more it was rotten

Kel tells her sister. “I’m worried about the drowning Fredo

You’re there. It was an accident, “Connie comforted her brother

I will.

Kay arrives in Sicily and thinks the genealogy of her husband’s house. “devil

Do you use Neri as a bodyguard? “And she is a killer

Kay asks her presence, and Michael is suffering from diabetes

She answered that she was helping, but Kay was firm with her ex -husband

I don’t think she has become.

Michael welcomed me to repair the relationship and Corleo

Guide to the land of the nephmily. Kay is Mary

She states that she is loving with her relatives’ handsome young man

Michael told him he was opposed.

Mosca shoots Don Tomasino.

Michael said to Kay, “I lost you to protect you and your family.

I got it. What was the battle for? “

Talk about her new dream. Kay sheds tears and she speaks her love to Michael

I will.

Thomasino’s subordinate Carlo reports Don’s death and My

Keru asks her for permission to revenge. Michael gave permission

Looking, Kay is sad.

In front of Tomasino’s body, Michael in his own hands

He decides not to flow.

Vincent is called by Michael and gives up Mary

If so, the condition is presented to be the successor.

Uncle Ma, who strictly speaks, “It’s the price of choosing my own way.”

Receive Ikeru’s words and give up dating and marriage with Mary

Therefore, choose to live as the third generation Godfather.

“It’s Vincent Corleone from today,” said Ma.

Iker declares, Neri and Carlo are the third generation Godfa

In the hands of Seser Don Vincent Corleone

Kiss and swear loyalty.

Lambert was selected as the Pope and with John Paul

Proceeding with the reform of the Vatican and contracting with Corleone

Also embody about it. Louge Guilty is losing his legs.

Anthony Opera Debut Day, Michael Kay

Mary Vincent Andrew Harrison

He gathered at the Massimo Theater.

Instead of Michael, Vincent is a rouge, gagu

Let Leai and kiging. “Kazu”

She told Ally to break up, and Mary shed her tears.

Connie behaves with confectionery in Don Altovero

Tobello says “Buono!”

Mosca infiltrates the theater and is a member of Vincent

Seating the twin brothers one after another and preparing the gun

Aim for Ikeru.

Harrison reported that the contract with the Vatican was established

Michael rejoices.

John Paul is a poison of Louge Gilti

He is killed.

“Sleep, Godfather” and staring at binoculars

Connie is the sleep of her parents’ father, Don Altovero

She confirms.

Chargic guilty with Vincent’s instructions

Based on the louge, Vincent’s subordinate Neri Carlo

Makes it as an assassin assassin.

Opera reaches a climax.

The ending is drawn and the curtain call is made of microphone

Le Cay Connie Mary Harrison Andri

Soo sings an opera at standing ovation

Celebrate her work Anthony.

Mary was rejected her discussion from Vincent

She calls her father, Michael, to have a discussion of permission to associate with him

She gets.

Vinsen for Mosca’s son imitated a donkey

T is canceled and ordered his subordinates to capture.

In the gap, Mosca approaches Michael and turns her muzzle.

A gun is fired.

Michael is surprised and certainly knows if he was shot

He did, but he had no wounds.

◎ I will mention the core of the drama from here. Unseen

Please be careful ◎

But her beloved daughter, Mary, was bloody.

Mary, who received her bullet, fell on her knees on the stairs and died

She is not.

Kay’s scream resounds. Michael cares Mary

She did, but her daughter was a corpse.

Vincent shoots Mosca and grieves the death of her lover


Andrew prays. Anthony is her sister

Relaxs her death.

Michael cries. Kay stares at it.

Connie sads her niece’s death.

☆ Eternal sad ☆

Al Pachino Al Pacheno April 25, 1940

Was born. Mike of “God Father Part II”

The role of Le Corleone is a 50 -year -old work.

Diane Keaton Diane Keaton is 1946

It was born on January 5th. “God Father Part II”

The role of Kei Adams Corleone is a 44 -year -old work

It is.

Francis Ford Coppola Francis

Ford Coppola was born on April 7, 1939.

“God Father Part II” is a 51 -year -old director

It is a work.

Sofia Coppola SOFIA COPPPOLA is 1971

It was born on May 14, year. Her father is Francis Ford

Coppola, her mother is Elenoa 2, her grandfather is Carmine

Coppola, her brother is Roman, Coppola, Jean -Carlo

・ Coppola, her niece is Talia Shire, her cousin is Nico

Las Cage, Jason Schwarzmann.

She was 19 years old when she was released.

Michael Corleone protects his family and family

He fought against a strong enemy to be, but suffered by the weight of the crime he committed

He decides to stop any battle. Donate to the Vatican

Try, live on the path of Christian Catholic and destroy


Sadness to executed his brother Fredo for betrayal

His guilt is about to torn his mind and body.

Lambert tells his willingness to regenerate to his parting wife Kei

Confession to Cardinals, the dangerous challenges of the family

Job to his nephew Vincent, retire, decides to retire

I will do it.

But the war never released Michael. Retirement

Even if he shows his will, he will be chased by an assassin.

February 13, 1978 Frederico “Fredo” Col

John Kazaul, who performed Leone’s sadness

He died of a 42 -year -old youth cancer.

May 26, 1986 Francis’s son Jean -Ka

Lururo Coppola died at the age of 22.

Coppola imagined the size of his sadness at this time

It’s over. That it was a production that endured his sadness


January 1, 1987 Jean -Carlo’s wife Jacqurei

Nu de La Fontaine gave birth to her daughter Gia.

Francis became her grandfather at the age of 47.

“God Father” received the third offer

Francis is “Godfather Michael

I wanted the title of “Corleone’s Last”, but Kano

Without the title of “God Father Part II”

rice field. In various other aspects, Francis constrains the production

It seems to have been imposed.

However, offered with the same cast as the previous two works as much as possible.

I tried to get the consent from many famous actors.

Al Pachino as Michael, Dia as Kay

Ne Keaton, Talia Shire, the role of Connie, Te

Teri Librano as Lesa, Richard as Neri

Bright played a role in the trilogy.

The role of Johnny Fontane since the first work

Al Martino, Ginny as Lucy

Linero, the cast of Franco Chitti, the role of Carlo

It was realized.

Rough, one of Vito’s candidate in the first work

The role of Lambert, whose Valone becomes Michael’s teacher

I decided to appear in.

Robert de Niro is the role of Vincent

I would like to appear because it is the role of

I received it, but it didn’t come true. But Robert is Vi

She appears in the role of Toh.

Tom Cruise, Matt Diron, etc.

The name was nominated, but Andy Garcia

Has stopped.

Andy Garcia Andy Garcia is 1956

It was born in Cubahabana on April 12, year. He is at the age of 5

Naturalized to the United States with his parents.

He showed his presence as the second actor in 1989

Charlie Vincent of “Rack Rain”

The role of Ken Takakura and Yusaku Matsuda in the role and smell in Osaka location

I was active.

The role of heroine Mary is Winona Rider

Was chosen. She was a big role and nervous Winona was her physical condition

She fell down and dropped down. Francis is in a hurry his beloved daughter

Sofia Coppola was replaced.

As imagined by one fan, in Francis

“Godfather Part II” is a best friend

John Kazaul and his love Jean Carlo

I think it was a work taken with a memorial heart.

Michael killed Fredo

Trying to compensate for suffering, but clinging

Was a terrible world beyond imagination.

“God Father Part II” with this work

The illustration of Anthony’s car is Jean -Carlo

Is dedicated to his father Francis.

Michael is a medal party Mary and Waltz

Dancing, but Connie’s grandson put on Mary’s skirt

Michael grabs the wit, and Connie’s grandson’s hand

Take it and dance with three people. Playing the grandchild of Connie

She is Geo, the daughter of Jean Carlo. This scene is

Al dances with Geo Sofia with a quick tact

He said he did something.

Death of John Paul I on September 28, 1978

Incident and Robert Calvi death on June 17, 1982

The criticism of this work on the subject of the late case is a cold thing

there were.

Strict evaluation is also on the cast, Sofia

Coppola is the 11th Golden Raspberry Award

She received a minimum supporting actress award and a minimum newcomer award.

“Gob” to the 63rd Academy Awards on March 25, 1991

Defaser Part II] was nominated for seven categories

But no award was won.

2020 “God Father Part II” released 30 years

To commemorate, Francis hoped before the production

The title “Godfather Final Chapter Mike

Le Corleone] was announced.

The beginning and ending are different from “God Father Part II”

It is.

Guilty tells Michael to use the church funding

Ask for support. Michael donated and returned “Inter

25 % of the shares of “Nearly Immobiaare”

The bishop is to acquire the acquisition and the support of the company’s management rights


In “Godfather”, Ame burning by his daughter’s revenge

Rigo Bonacera’s resentment Vito Corleone

Listen, check the friendship between them, and discipline the culprit

Is approved.

In this work, Gilty is donated only due to greed

Michael is caught in a strategy to get Michael and deceive

He is.

Michael seeks the salvation of the crimes committed by Christianity

Fits into the trap of the bishop Gilty.

The quoted video from “God Father Part II” is

All have been deleted.

Fredo fishes on the shores of Nevada and goes to Maria

Michael felt guilty by the prayer of the prayer.

I will.

Guilty with “God Father Part II”

I recall Fredo’s prayer in the words of

“Godfather Final Chapter Michael Corle

In the “end of the na, the medal ceremony is also bassed.

rice field.

Michael, a scene where Harrison and Guilti talk

Tell Harrison that Andrew is a clergy

Mary talks about family love for Michael at the scene, the table

The scene has been newly added.

The quote of the prayer video to Fredo’s Mary is gone

That’s why the presence of John Cazor’s absence is intense to the 메가슬롯 audience

It resonates.

Marlon Bu in “God Father Part II”

With the absence of Land and Richard Casterano

He felt what was in response.

At the party, Talia Shiia and Ginny Lynelo

Constantia “Connie” Corleone Ritz

Silently the eye contact of I and Lucy Mansini

I was impressed by the performance and felt the history of the series.

Struggled with the guilty of committing, newly born as a legal organization, and bee

He asks Kang for salvation, but his expectations are out. Still different

Heart of Michael’s way of life that asks his wife Kei to understand

It was struck.

Michael, who was ruthless, demands warmth and love

He felt a history of becoming an old man. The villain

Seek salvation. Murder and conspiracy and robbed the power and money

Michael is afraid of the weight of sin, the rest

The silver screen revealed that the heart of destroying in life is revealed

I will.

Al Pachino performs Michael’s atonement with a full -fledged enthusiasm


Michael confesses his confession to Cardinal Lambert

Crime to betray his wife and kill his rival, back

His brother Fredo, who cut his cut, cried and talked about killing.























rice field.

















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毒菓子の安全な部分を食べ、Buono! When




































『ゴッドファーザーPARTⅢ』『ゴッドファーザー 最

終章 マイケル・コルレオーネの最期』で妹メアリーを































2020年公開再編集版『ゴッドファーザー 最終章











『ゴッドファーザー 最終章 マイケル・コルレオーネ




罪の悲しみと『ゴッドファーザーPART 最終章 マイケル・






『ゴッドファーザーPARTⅢ』『ゴッドファーザー 最終

章 マイケル・コルレオーネの最期』のラストは共に尊いが、






最終章 マイケル・コルレオーネの最期』を試写で







めて感嘆した。映画館を出たら隣のLENS LISTで












How nice!を賜った。


Thank you.

2022年3月27日 第94回アカデミー賞授賞式









京都シネマシアター3 H-1席で『ゴッドファーザ

ー最終章 マイケル・コルレオーネの最期』の二度目











と『ゴッドファーザー サガ』(『ゴッドファーザー










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