While being the son of a super zaibatsu

The chairman of the owner company in the daytime,

At night, with Chung -Il, a secret detective office,

Yuri with superhuman eyesight meets,

Solving the case

Romantic investigation drama ♡

1-2 Estimated Synopsis

Chung -Il was killed 20 years ago.

What suddenly disappeared with the criminal from the scene of the incident

Called the “Queen’s Tears” that my mother was on.

It was a necklace.

The necklace is for the first time in 20 years

Suddenly appeared on the auction,

I decided to return to Chung -Il again.

Chong -Il, the son of a super zaibatsu who transcends the Zaibatsu.

In the daytime, the chairman of the company,

Detective is busy at night lol

To explore the highlights of this necklace

Immediately an advisory lawyer and hacker partner

It started to move!

To meet a man who is a necklace

Chung -Il infiltrated the casino.

So I was working part -time

Outstanding eyesight than an eagle

To the lily of the woman

I was mistaken for a thief’s companion and laughed at

After that, this necklace from a man

Cheong -shi heard that it was a stolen goods

I immediately headed to the actress’s house,

The room was full of blood and the actress was disappearing.

Thanks to lily of the lily

Because another suspect emerged

Chung -Il, who was out of the suspect, was investigated again.

On the other hand, Cheong -fail

Yuri was always secret

I noticed the supervision ability! !

The flow of that.


From the masterpiece of the magician “Possam”

These two people who re -co -starred early in about a year!


Including the two kiss scenes

I was looking forward to it

what is it···

Are you old?

e? My misunderstanding? originally! ?

Jung -Il 34 years old


Yuri Yuri 32 years old

At the time of that Possam

Where are the shine? ?

Only one year since the broadcast in 2021

Even though it doesn’t

Where was the lovely lily of that rin? smile

Anyway, as the content

It looks light and easy to see,

“Woman Yuri with eyesight beyond eagle”

There are some settings that are a little worrisome,

(I’m worried that it’s not a hawk but an eagle, but lol)

My partner, Unmunsok, is also a stable fun.

It’s not really bad


I can’t see the visuals! smile

This time, probably during the infiltration investigation

“Chung -Il Seven Changes ♡”

It may be one of the fun elements.

What happened anymore? Of level

With fun seven changes

Grandpa Henge

Casino henge

Chairman Henge

Club henge

So, this is the first detective Henge!

I put on this hat like this

Do you have a detective? ? smile

On the other hand, Yuri -sama is also with Chong -Il Detective

I’m doing club infiltration investigation


“If you are fashionable, oh, beautiful ♡”

That scene is …

no longer

Don’t overdo it

It will be a video …

I’ll see a little more for the time being

Is it a pretty dangerous signal project?

But because I have a Japanese subtitle

If you are interested, please check it out

Please see it ❤️

By the way, Chung -Il is also in October

Scheduled to hold nationwide Fanmi!

I also talked to yun-bebe

Look at this nationwide penmi schedule!

You are almost in Japan 카지노사이트 in October, right? smile

In between Chung -Il’s vacements

Stay nationwide as much as Penmi!

If you are interested, please come! ! !

Il is not old! I’m 34 years old ❤️

I’m waiting for you ♡ ← I’m serious


I am inputting voice

It’s almost like this

postscript! !

Guyon’s first musical

NES cassette released on July 31, 1991,

“Otaku constellation” (list price 6900 yen).

The genre is RPG.

The gorgeous casting of the scriptwriter, Hiroshi Motomiya, character design, Toshihiro Eguchi, but what is this kusoge feeling …? (smile)

First of all, the enemy early in the game is too strong.

If you meet and fight, you will die immediately

It usually comes out around the first town.

The correct answer when you meet is run away (laughs)

This is the only way.

The battle is a bit strange

The order of attacking has been decided,

Is it in order from the top of the party?

Only two in order from the end of the party to the order.


Even if you win and win, you can get experience points

Only the character who stabbed the enemy (laughs)

Not all parties can get experience.

Therefore, taking into account the order of attack

I have to adjust the character that gains my experience.

Only a character can’t get any experience.

It is possible.

What’s this? (smile)

Even if you enter the city, items and weapons shops

Even if you have a conversation and the list of products comes out

The amount is not written together,

I buy and learn the spells at the store,

If you do not go through the hero, you will not be able to carry it up to your friends …

You can see a little bitterness.

Also, if you continue to go straight in a large town,

There are places where you die instantly without any advice (laughs)

In addition, this game

It is a specification that starts over from the final save when you die.

that’s why,

Of course, the experience and items gained from the last save to death are naturally redone.


Occasionally, they are cursed and become Shula (a general term for monsters).

Then, I can’t talk to humans,

I can’t use spells and I don’t know how to cure

Reset to cry and cry …

Make 50,000 gold in the casino 휴대폰바카라 on the way!

There is an event

It is almost impossible to earn 50,000 gold in a casino (laughs),

After all, you have to defeat the enemy normally and earn 50,000 gold …

This took the most time.

Although it was about an hour a day

It took about a month here (laughs)

Other operability is jerky,

The afterimage of the character remains and the conversation bugs

It is quite a lot of fucking games.

The game balance is bad,

When the level goes up to about 30

Suddenly the enemy doesn’t feel strong (laughs)

At that time, the number of friends has finally increased, and even if multiple enemies come out, it will be easy to deal with.

What a bad balance! (smile)

However, the mystery solving and the conversation with the NPC are interesting,

The story is simple and easy to understand …

So, I was able to do it until I cleared it.

I managed to do it (laughs)

Ends with a word “end” (laughs)

The rest unless you press the reset button yourself

This screen lasts endlessly.

It’s a simple ending …


This is the game that came out half a year later than Dragon Quest II …

After all, the perfection of the Dragon Quest series

I thought it was amazing again.

There were various games in NES.

There are many reasons why NES sold,


Because there were so many games

I think many people were captivated.

No matter how great the hardware is

If you don’t have the software you want to do, you can’t sell hardware.

People call some games a fucking game,

It means that there is a fucking game

Conversely, the hardware of NES

It can be said that the overwhelming amount of software was thick.

Now, the NES game

It is called a “retro game” and becomes a petit boom state, and the value of used games has suddenly risen.

It’s a bit painful for me who bought a used game for a few hundred yen before the boom,

I want many people to play old games with this opportunity.

That way, you can reconfirm how great the current game is.