FFOS helper built -in Super Hyupri BPF4WAYNIX Tutue explanation.



Used in ZX-10R/6R, etc.

Not only SHOWA BPF inner diameter 43mm/41mm

43mm inner tube diameter


Includes Kawasaki H2 KYB big piston fork.

With the JP250 race in mind


Based on genuine SFF-BP37 fork,

BPF4WAYNIX Quattro Spring System is also developed for the 2023 season ❤

At the moment for ZX-25R

The system itself remains in SFF-BP

Diverting a genuine folk spring

Both left and right,

Incorporate FFOS Dual Helper Spring

Replace the top out spring with FFOS specification

Rebalve the left damper to the FFOS specification

We provide FFOS Quattro Spring System Super Hyupuri Specification without Adjusta.

The ZX-25R rear FFOS full tune is

2011-2015ZX-10R Based on genuine rear shock

FFOS8.5K high prizes,

Or it will be Quattro Spring System for the rear.

↑ ZX-10R genuine rear shock FFOS tune


B Square racing Koike

2022 Suzuka Sunday JP250 Class

Don’t wait for the final round

I have won the Series Champion of Inter JP250 ❤

Of course, the ride comfort peculiar to FFOS

From touring, from pass to circuit

Can be used for wide range,

It is a specification that also has the goodness of cospa that extends the tire life.

In the genuine BPF

Press the left fork/Replace the right fork to extend

With the same NIX as Orleans FGRT200,

Normal adjuster

TEN is low -speed/COM at high speed

Each stretch can be adjusted in low speed/high speed, respectively

4WAY Adjusta

For example, you can adjust the pitching motion and the gap absorption separately.

30mm with Orleans FGRT200,

32mm in Kyb/BPF,

37/39mm in Showa/BPF

Have a large -diameter piston = big piston

BPF = Big piston fork

Because the piston diameter is large,

To both left and right damper

If the growth and pressure attenuation occur, the attenuation occurs too much.

One side is for pressure,

The same “NIX”, which is the same as Orleans, which extends one side into a dedicated part, makes it very reasonable.

And 4WAY Adjusta

Because it is a function that is not in Orleans fork or cartridge kit

Genuine BPF

Construction in FFOS full tunes is a choice to get a great advantage.

In fact, from customers

More than Orleans fork

We have received ease of riding, sense of security and evaluation ❤

Also by Quartro

Turn performance

Overwhelmingly improved in both primary and secondary

The front is hard to escape

With the confidence from Fullbank,

You will be able to open a wide ❤

The pleasure that the nose goes around with will ♬


Because the front contact feeling at full acceleration becomes stronger,

Even in a straight line

As the front is difficult to shake,

Return is lighter

In addition, the rudder while turning back will be effective

With a straight line

S -shaped section while keeping the speed

You will be able to pass through Chicane ❤

Tsukuba S -shaped section, Okayama International Moss S and

Various circuits

It is a characteristic that makes it easier to run on Chicane ❤

In addition, the 4WAY itself is

Not limited to BPF

Regardless of whether it is a straightforward/inverted, a fork with an adjuster of growth and pressure

Unless it’s a non -decomposed cartridge

It is also possible with genuine cartridge fork or motocross twin chamber fork.

In that case,

Press the left/right to extend the left

Instead of the NIX method, it is 4WAY that distributes the left to the left at high speed at high speed.

The 4WAY method, which allows the left to the left at high speed at high speed,

Left and right characteristic balance is important

Even in the twin chamber fork of Motocross machine

The adjustment is highly evaluated by the professional test rider ❤

In addition, there is no Super Hyupuri/Hyupuri setting for motocross.

MX Front: OH+Rivalve+SKF Seal+4WAY ¥ 66300 Except tax

MX Rear: OH + Rivalve + Piston processing ¥ 35000 excluding tax

* When using SKF seal head for MX rear, parts fee + ¥ 8400 excluding tax

* It is also possible to incorporate the genuine option rear 3WAY adjuster.

* MX springs spring rate change uses genuine options or technics springs.

The flexibility of the flexibility and the feeling of stepping that does not play is a feature of FFOS MX tuits.

For MX riders, please feel free to contact SMS09073188905 Takashima.

However, Honda is not accepted by motocross cars.

Below, we will return to the explanation of the BPF tuning (compatible from touring to racing).

The benefits obtained by helper built -in super high prisons

With a fork spring

Top out spring

Designed on the premise of using high prisons

With a supple characteristics

Replace with FFOS spring,

In addition, incorporate dual heper springs

After making Quattro Spring System

By making it a super high -pri

Both the quick sinking and the feeling of contact with the folk stretch.

Also, high rigidity racing tires

Super Hyupuri

While crushing with a strong spring reaction force

By dropping the spring rate

Because it doesn’t crush too much more than necessary,

There is a wide range superiority that can also bring out the performance of soft rain tires.

Especially in the hard wet

Easy to understand the advantage of FFOS high -priced

Even when the rain tires of other cars are back to the pit

In the FFOS high -priced vehicle

The ground surface of the rain tire

Come back to the pit with dry side edges

With spring reaction,

The rubber is melting properly, playing the water between the tires and the road.

This is supplied only to the Works team,

For a super lane tire that can run fast for 30 seconds

FFOS Tunes Suspension

That’s why you can compete with Dunlop Rain, which is usually sold.

Furthermore, the latest

If you upgrade to FFOS Quattro Spring System,

Genuine, orllin’s fork,

While making Super Hyupri

It is easier to pitch than when the initials are removed

While the primary turning is improved

More hard braking is possible,

Even when accelerating turning turns, the ground contact is increased

Secondary turning and traction,

Even straight stability and light turnover are improved.


While realizing a linear stroke

For the gap during full braking

By helper spring, follow the road surface

Maintain the ground pressure in the gap valley,

It is difficult to brake lock and makes it easier to control locking.


Like the latest Orleans FGRT200

Press the left damper of BPF.

By remodeling the right damper to stretching

Normal damper dial

TEN is low speed.

COM is fast

Each stretch and pressure are divided into low -speed and high speeds, respectively

In other words, it is possible to set with 4WAY adjuster.

4WAY adjuster is a function that is not in Orleans fork.

In addition, with a normal cartridge fork

If you want to make a twin chamber fork of Motocross machine to 4WAY

Replace the left fork at low speed/right fork at high speed.

In this way, the damper is pressed on the left/right.

Or, by making the left at high speed at high speed, the left/right

As the attenuation response increases,

The stroke is improved, and it is finished in a moist and supple feeling in the whole area.

Front desk

FFOS Helper built -in Super Hyupri when tuning to BPF4WAYNIX

The rear

Replaced with a designed FFOS spring that assumes the use of high prisons

Tune the damper to FFOS specifications

FFOS8.5K High -predeun pressure 6 stage/extension 5 stage specification is required.

By the total tuning of the front and rear balance

Brake ⬅ by throttle operation

Exquisite load transfer can be realized, and it is possible to run as the rider wants.

For most of the other companies in the industry, the suspension tuner

Even if you tune the BPF

I can’t draw out the performance well, so

It seems that the whole cartridge is often replaced

With our FFOS tunes, you can draw 120%of BPF performance ❤

In terms of cost

With the same amount as the Orleans cartridge kit parts fee,

Includes spring replacement, spring parts, and damper tuning wages

Not only the front desk

Total tuning together with the rear is possible

It is very reasonable and has excellent cost performance.


↑ Instagram image

L3GSX-R1000 genuine BPF and rear genuine shock FFOS full tune ❤

In the public joint test of Suzuka 8 Hours, 2014

With our genuine BPF, a suspension that remodeled the genuine rear shock

Use Dunlop commercial race tires

A private team,

Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture B Square Racing ZX-10R

Around 1 lap

With super tires that can run for a few seconds or more,

Use Works SPL suspension, which is said to be several million yen per bottle

We have been catching up with Kawasaki Factory Machine, who won the world SBK champion.

There is a motorcycle shop in the city where the general is doing it alone

A private tune machine with a remodeling cost of 1 million yen

Annual budget 800 million yen! Be applied

Contain the manufacturer’s factory team that runs a world champion machine.

Depending on the finish of the suspension and tuning, you can have such an amazing dream.

FFOS full tuning that always evolves

The cost of the latest 2021.09spec

Back and rear sets including wages are around 150,000 to 200,000 yen

Effective as the external cartridge kit parts fee (including labor)


The above 2014 Suzuka 8H

It is an overwhelmingly evolved version after almost eliminating the weaknesses.

The running is

It is a GP racing machine area rather than a superbike.

What we are aiming for


I beat other companies’ workma as it was donated

Without deceleration

You can jump into the corner

Super handling machine It is the feeling of commercial racer TZ250 ♪

However, of course, to achieve that speed,

In all Japan and 8 Hours

Always within the highest 5th place! The technology of a general who builds a fucking fast engine,


The guts of “I will definitely beat the factory team !!”

And it’s not just an enthusiasm

You have to be able to take a line with the right way to get the right way, but …

[Reference video of line]

Like#20 Quartararo in ↓

Wide lines are reduced in the turn resistance and the mileage is shorter = fast.


If it’s a riding way to go to the back and sleep in a quick

I think it’s an image of starting to sleep after the 50m signboard,

#20 Quartararo in this video

From the front of the 100m sign, I started to sleep comfortably and took the line R very large.

This is the world’s most advanced run.

Push in the corner,

Defeat the machine in a quick and bend

The rider itself seems to be attacking the way to open from Fullbank.

Actually, the speed drops more than necessary

At the time of acceleration, the power is eaten by the turning resistance of the sleeping machine and does not move forward.

Also, I delayed the braking and increased the entry speed.

If you take the beginning of lying down, you will inevitably not be attached to the in.

That’s why#20 Quartararo

After speeding up the entry speed, it is starting to sleep very slowly from the front.

How to run violently

The “ultra -music running” at the other end is the state -of -the -art run ♪

That is

It is the direction of the running that FFOS Tune Suspension is aiming for

The construction of WPC-DLC is also possible.

The high roofraction and high durability are overwhelmingly overwhelming by WPC-DLC.

There is a feeling of slimy that starts to move

WPC-DLC is highly recommended because it improves with the synergistic effect with the FFOS damper ♬

In addition, DLC

Adsorbs the carbon contained in the oil seal

Because a stick & slip occurs

It is essential to use it in combination with SKF green stickers that do not contain carbon.

The advantage of BPF is the one under the spring

Since only the inner tube and the bottom axle, the weight lower weight is light anyway! ! !

If you replace it with a normal cartridge,

The weight of the cartridge increases under the spring, so the weight of the spring increases.

that is,

It is an “absolute advantage” that cannot be exceeded no matter how you improve the damper characteristics.

In our company

To take advantage of its absolute advantage

Instead of replacing the cartridge

The system remains BPF

Press the left and remodel the right to extend

Evolved into the same “left and right division damper” as Orleans NIX,

Normal BPF growth 2WAY adjuster

Low -speed adjuster on the extension,

By making the pressure side a high -speed adjuster

The left fork is low -speed pressure and high -speed pressure.

The right fork will grow low and high -speed growth

Become a 4WAY adjuster in total on the left and right

You can make a more wide range and a precise setup.

The 4WAY adjuster of the front fork is a unique feature including Orleans ❤

The spring to be combined with this is

FFOS folk spring,

FFOS top out spring,

With FFOS helper spring

If it is a street use, “Super Hyupri”

Race use and

If it is a gymkhana, it will be “Ultra Hyupuri”

From deceleration to full acceleration,

Increase the front ground contact pressure in the whole area,

Improving brake performance. From the improvement of the primary turn

In addition to wheelie, it can also improve secondary turns and traction.

By the way, in addition to the top out spring

The setup that incorporates helper springs is normal for factory machines.

Furthermore, after our BPF tuning latest 2021.05SPEC

By dual helper spring

Evolved into Quattro Spring System

With a solid tension,

The quick sinking and mellow stroke are realized to a higher dimension.

A Quattro Spring System for the rear is also under development.

Even if you don’t rely on the rear arm hanging angle

Regardless of Dry/Wet

As the traction improves

It can be improved by balancing the rear stability at the time of deceleration and the higher mobility.

In addition, both Super Hyupuri/Competition Ultra Hyupuri

To balance the front and rear

The rear is also premised on total tuning,


The total amount of the total tuning of the front and rear set is

It is almost the same as the folk cartridge parts of Orleans.

The suspension of this specification is

Not only the cartridge kit

Compared to an expensive suspension unit for racing

The ground pressure of the tire increases

As the road surface follows, it will improve, so

Brake performance. Turn performance. Traction performance.

And since the tire life to the ride improves,

Not only racing performance,

It is a suguremono that allows everything to the comfort of touring ❤

FFOS = Frequency Flexible Optimized Suspensions

・ Depending on the frequency of Frequency vibration

・ Flexible flexible and supple

・ Optimized optimized

・ SUSPENSIONS suspension

If the rider’s operation is relaxed, return it softly

If you run hard on hard, it will be necessary and sufficient.

In other words, FFOS is a suspension that changes flexibly depending on how you ride.

Because there is “softness” that can be moved by the rider,

“Force” was born,

The “force” allows you to call a stronger damping force.

The suspension moves well to produce stability.

Only hard,

Or not just a soft suspension,

In the force created by the rider,

FFOS is a 바카라 suspension that can call the damping force flexibly.

The aim is to respond to the rider’s “Attack Kimochi”

A suspension that can balance quick movement and stability and traction.

Conversely, we can respond to “Kimochi that doesn’t attack”

Ride comfort, supple

It can be a soft and well -moving suspension,

FFOS is such a flexible, analog hydraulic damper like living things.

FFOS specification

If you are interested in the tuned suspension, please feel free to contact us ♪

SMS090-7318-8905 Please consult with Takashima by short mail.

In addition, please be careful about the upper limit of the number of characters! ! !

Intellectual, wild, brilliant

The setup of suspension is an intellectual and adult play ♪


Hiroshi Takashima


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