A flying wad and chips, and the world that controls people’s desires and despair.

I have written a lot of reports about the actual situation of the dark casino. The drama “Black / Crows” (Fuji Television), which fictional based on the interview, is twice from 24:55 on June 28 (Tuesday), July 5 (Tuesday), 25: 5 5. It will be broadcast in the second part.

In this article, I would like to introduce the actual situation of the dark casino, which was the stage of the drama.

How is the customer invited to the dark casino

I started interviewing the dark casino nearly 10 years ago. When he was interviewing a case, he decided to cover the details of the illegal gambling store.

Celebrities and baseball players were crowded in the illegal gambling world. The underground world that ordinary humans could not look into was fascinating, dangerous, and scandalous.

On the other hand, the writer eventually learned that the illegal gambling there was even more “back”. Ikasama, called “Ponkotsu”, always existed in the world of dark casinos. There is a “liar game” that is deceived and deceived.

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For example, how is the customer invited to a dark casino? Here are some examples below.

A beautiful woman who dressed in a dress goes into the spacious shop with a luxurious chandelier with a luxury sofa. In the VIP room, the voice is constantly rising. A woman who tilts a champagne glass, a woman who stands a customer.

Roppongi’s Club X is a magic for men. Customers have a variety of customers, such as half -grained and scam group executives, because of the solid company officers and venture managers. The common point of the prominent customers is that they are all “rich.”

“Is it solid, it’s good? Invite me”

“Good Miki, what kind of work is that customer doing?”

Kenichi Tajiri (a pseudonym, the same hereafter), the 슬롯머신사이트 manager of X, called the popular hostess Miki to the backyard and spoke.

“Mr. Takasaka? That person, like the owner company’s scion, maybe this may have a lot (laughs).”

Miki made a circle with her thumb and her index finger, and she smiled.

#Qatar Airways

Another airline hiring news came out. It was Qatar Airlines. Announcement has been posted on the Qatar Airlines’ homepage that an open interview will be held in Macau. At that time, Qatar Airlines was looking for many Chinese applicants. Macau, who is fluent in Chinese and English and has multinational people, was an attractive place to discover many talented people from Qatar Airlines. Macau was close to Korea, and there were many routes. For this reason, it was a chance to be an opportunity for applicants who dreamed of being Qatar Airlines crew. It was so for me. The opportunity came sooner than I thought.

The hotel where the interview was conducted was crowded from the morning. I stayed at a 5 -minute walk from the interview hotel. Interviews are usually done on a first -come, first -served basis, and it is advantageous to interview early. I thought it came out early, but when I saw the people in the interview, other applicants thought they didn’t sleep. Shortly afterwards, Qatar Airlines personnel, or interviewers arrived at the interview, explained what procedure the interview will proceed today. In listening, it was a moment to confirm that desperation is a much more effective catalyst than the feelings of love, hungry, and empathy. Soon the interview began, and I waited for my turn and was nervous by practicing answers. Check the documents that are not wrinkled, there is nothing missing, whether the head is neatly arranged, the makeup condition is good, the color of the mouth should be applied again, or whether you have forgotten the prepared 먹튀검증사이트 answer, and you can smile comfortably. I was constantly checking the list and focusing on the interview.

Little by little, my turn has become my turn. At the time, the interview room and interview were divided into one partition in the same room, and I stood at the end of the partition. There was a Catar Airline interviewer just by turning this corner. At the end of the end, I heard a volunteer in front of me talking to the interviewer. I couldn’t understand exactly what I said, but when their conversation hit the inner wall of the building, my ear rang. And the heart began to play even more. I took a deep breath to calm my heart. The hotel staff who helped the interview gave me a gesture, ‘It’s four times.’

I kept a bright smile as much as possible, faced my eyes, and tried to walk naturally. In the worst case, the interviewer may be told to go out. First of all, it was important to walk safely in front of the interview in the interview room. Fortunately, he arrived safely and greeted him lightly. The interviewer looked through my resume and asked questions.

“Can you Introduce Yourself?”

The most basic and important question. Self -introductions that have been revised by practicing countless times and receiving feedback from study members. I was blocked by that question. It wasn’t ridiculous. Thanks to the practice, I was able to talk as it was. However, while answering, I thought this introduction was not right. It seemed as if it were rolling well, but it was like a car with a squeaky sound. When there was an engine that turned hard on the surface, it felt like it could not be as powerful as it was seen. So my self -introduction ended quickly. The interviewer then alternated with my resume and finished the interview by saying that he was contacted. The interviewer’s contact in the first interview meant dropping out (sometimes there is a case of contact.) For those who passed the first interview, ‘Invitation’ Give the paper side. There was nothing in my hand.

Was it because of tension, still lack of practice, or just lacking everything? Unlike me, most of the studies who went with me received the invitation. In the second interview and the interview for the second interview and English test. I came back to my stay. I laid in bed and looked at the ceiling. I returned to the room and didn’t change it to comfortable clothes. I didn’t erase makeup. I didn’t realize that my interview was over. I didn’t want to realize it. So lying on clothes and makeup, he was buried with the regret of the first Qatar aviation interview. And I spit out my self -introduction to myself on the ceiling.

The next day, I headed to an interview with a study member. One of the study members went to the final interview, and the final interview was the next morning. I walked to the interview for that friend and gave me strength to come. There was no time to sit down. I had to remove the persimmon and analyze the cause of the failure as objectively as possible. And revised the plan. It still challenges Qatar airlines, but it aims to become a crew itself no matter what airlines are. I decided to challenge myself late, so I had to pass it soon, and I decided to support it as a career when I was transferred to another airline. At any airline, he made his career as a crew and vowed to work as a crew of Qatar or other excellent airlines. The interview ended with my defeat, but I returned home next time.

On the return plan, my self -introduction was still on my head. It was a different beauty rather than an interview. I left the crew and thought that I should be able to answer the question, ‘Who am I’. It was hard to erase my feelings in my heart.

“Who am I?”