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Drug scandals that occurred in Germany in the 1960s

Since I came to Germany, I often saw people with disabilities with short arms and legs that I had never seen in Korea. Looking at them, they wondered why they had a short arm. The cause of this disorder is drugs. The drugs that their mother had taken at the beginning of her pregnancy caused her to be influenced by her fetal joints and had short limbs and toe malformations. In Germany, these babies were born in the early 1960s. This is a contergan scandal.

Not long ago, I had to prepare a presentation in German classes, so I studied with this topic and gave a presentation. Wikipedia and several cuples and conferences were found and prepared for the presentation. It is a pity in many ways, such as pregnant women and babies, who have a few thousand pregnant women, the end of the trial without the punishment of the offender, and the survivors are still dissatisfied with the compensation.

Conesign was developed by a pharmaceutical company called Grünenthal in the late 1950s and sold as a sleeping or sedative agent in Germany since the early 1960s. At that time, people were able to buy the drug without a doctor’s prescription, and everyone was a universal drug that rolled around the chest of the house. More than 5 million people took the drug in Germany alone, more than 10,000 people suffered or died of side effects of the drug, and 2,400 still lived and continued their lives.

The story is a two scientist Dr. of the mid -1950s. Kunz and Dr. It starts with Keller. They succeeded in developing drugs of sedative ingredients called Talidomid and completed animal experiments. During the experiment, the commercial sales began with the name of the convention as a sedative or sleeping agent, considering the soothing effect on the seizure of epilepsy patients during the experiment. Concores, which are based on advertising, were sold in popularity, and anyone could easily be purchased at pharmacies without prescriptions, and signed an overseas sales license agreement thanks to successful sales in Korea.

After that, many pregnant women took the drug that the convention was effective in the pregnant woman’s morning sickness. In 1961, children who had short arms and legs or malformed children began to be born. In 10 months at the Crapfeld General Hospital, children with 13 joint malformations were born. However, there was still no accurate aggregation of how many joint malformations were born nationwide. During World War II, the Hitler regime was killed by a group of children with disabilities, and it was considered to be a recording of the child’s disability after the previous time. As children with short arms and legs were born one after another, parents and scientists began to wonder what the cause was. Nobody could guess the exact cause, just guessing various causes, such as nuclear exposure, television radio waves, or spouse’s alcoholism.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lentz, a pediatrician of Hamburg, has found that there is a correlation between the conquer and the fetal joint type. After revealing the facts, he contacted the Grow Nental Pharmaceutical company to reveal the serious side effects of the drug, but the pharmaceutical company did not respond much. The doctor immediately visited the Ministry of Health and Welfare, but he also received a reaction that did not meet expectations. The Ministry of Health and Welfare proposed to finish the case in the lines of prohibiting taking pregnant women in the drug manual. Dr. Lentz contributed his research as an anonymous newspaper on Sunday, November 26, 1961, with a weapon of his research in a newspaper called WELT AM Sonntag. The reaction is so large that the Grow -Nantal Pharmaceutical Company began to immediately collect the drugs distributed on the market the next day.

The scandal that began in this way gave birth to another scandal throughout the society. A criminal who killed a baby with a disability (in Germany called the children who were born with a deformed child), a non -parent who abandoned the baby in an orphanage, and a US celebrity who took conesters during pregnancy during pregnancy abortion Concentrate scandals, such as leaving the forbidden United States and talking about abortion in Sweden, drove not only Germany but also around the world.

This interest has led to trial. The trial began a few years after the victims were so many victims and the data were enormous. The trial was not originally a trial for the victim’s compensation, but began as a criminal trial to judge nine employees. The conqueran trial, which began in Aachen in 1968, was so narrow that the court’s space was so narrow that it was so narrow that it was so narrow that it had to borrow a casino near Aachen and proceed with the trial.

Thirty2 of the victims were recognized as a common source, and their agent was Rover Tchneider, a law professor and lawyer at the University of Cologne. He was also the father of a baby in a conquer. There were a total of 120 witnesses and the trial was held for 283 days. At the end of the trial, a lawyer, Schneider, agreed to conclude a compensation with the pharmaceutical company, Ladental. This includes the monthly compensation to be paid to the victim and the one -time compensation to be paid at once, and the condition that the additional lawsuit is impossible. In addition, the Grow Nental promised to establish a foundation to support the victims of the containers.

It took place for 283 days, but the trial ended without ending. None of the perpetrators have been punished, but the reason is as follows.

1. Their criminal acts are minimal because they are sentenced to nine defendants.

2. The Grow Nental Pharmaceutical Company has already completed compensation with the victims at the company level.

Thus, the container scandal was compensated from the offender to the victim, and the event was terminated without anyone responsible.

Many people die and have a lifetime to live with disabilities. This fact is not understood from our perspective today, but it can be interpreted differently from the time. At the time, the pharmaceutical company launched a medicine, and there was no test for animals and people over enough time. There was also no organization that could inspect and regulate the drug to be released by the pharmaceutical company. Therefore, experiments and tests on drugs were only for the pharmaceutical company that made the drug. The pharmaceutical company, Ligental, can be said to have launched the drug through the general process that was done at the time.

The conferred scandal was a big contribution to changing the practices that did at the time. Since the scandal, Germany has established the BFARM (BFANDESINSINTITUT Für Arzneimittel und UndizitTel und 카지노사이트 Medizin Produkte), an institution that examines and determines the upcoming drug.

Founded in Aachen in 1946, La Gental, a pharmaceutical company, has grown alive after the scandal, with 4,700 employees. In front of the Growenantal building, demonstrations of victims between conferers are now continuing. Talidomid, a component of cones that was banned after the scandal, was re -approved as a drug for treating nodules and multiple myeloma in the 1990s. Talidomid was also sold in South America in the 1990s, and a baby with disabilities was still born due to taking pregnant women who could not read.