KADOKAWA announced on Wednesday, August 31 that it will publish “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunblake Official Guidebook”. [All 4 images] This book is an official guidebook that contains information up to the first edition of “Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break” title update. There are plenty of monsters, weapons and armor data, and field information that are indispensable for hunting, as well as the capture information that are useful for hunting, so it will definitely support a fulfilling hunter life. The contents included are as follows. ・ Detailed data related to additional elements such as the new alchemy and dumpling skills of Maka Alchemy ・ Action connection is also used to utilize new weapons actions! ・ Publish information on meat quality, parts, and rewards of monsters that confront in the master rank ・ Deliver attack data including additional techniques of each monster and advice that you want to use for hunting! ・ List of more than 1000 kinds of weapons and armor. Check basic performance, slots, and necessary materials!・ Weapons that can be enhanced by using a puppet material after 바카라카지노 the ending can also be confirmed ・ You can see the items to be obtained and the location information of environmental organisms, centered on the newly appeared “Castle Highlands” and “Jungryen”. The quest includes details such as the appearance of monsters and rewards for obtaining the rewards individually! ・ A variety of data that is indispensable for hunting, such as aleaves, otomo weapons, skills, items, etc. ・ Information on elements added in the first title update! * This book consists of only “Master Rank” added in “Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break”. The price is 3,080 yen (tax included). Reservations are accepted on “Famitsu and Dengeki Strategy Official Website” and “Amazon”.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has accepted an area development plan submitted by Osaka, City and Nagasaki, respectively, for integrated resort facilities (IRs), including casinos. The application deadline is 28 days, but there is no other movement, and there are only two areas in the country, with up to three frames certified by the government. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s Expert Committee will judge the plan and determine whether or not to be certified. The results are likely to appear after this fall.

Casinos are 카지노사이트 concerned about gambling addiction and questions about securing revenue due to the new colon virus evil, and the focus is on how the expert committee will judge the two regional plans.