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On September 21 (local time), Amazon announced the new tablet terminal “Fire HD 8”. It will be sold in Japan on October 19, and the price starts at 11,980 yen. The upper model “Fire HD 8 Plus” starts at 13,980 yen. The price has been raised by 2000 yen from the old model. [Image] The upper model “Fire HD 8 Plus” Fire HD 8 is located in a middle class in the Fire tablet, in addition to various Amazon services such as Amazon applications, “Prime Video” and “Music Unlimited”, as well as Amazon App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App Appe Store. You can add an app (Google Play is not compatible), and the audio assistant “Alexa” can be used hands -free. As a point updated by the 2022 model, the SOC was renewed from a 2.0GHz quad core to a 2.0GHz hexakore (6 cores). It is said that the performance has been improved up to 30 %. The memory is 2GB as before, and the storage can be selected from 32GB and 64GB. The display is a 1280 x 800 pixel 8 -inch LCD panel. The interface has a built-in USB Type-C port (USB 2.0), microSD card slot, and 3.5mm earphone jack. It also has a 2 -megapixel front / rear camera, microphone, and speakers. The battery operation time is usually about 13 hours when used. The weight is 337g. You can choose from black, blue and rose. There are also options for genuine cover and kids, the genuine cover costs 3980 yen, the kids cover costs 3780 yen, and the headphones for children are 4280 yen. You can add a plan for 1 year extended warranty and 2 years of accident warranty for 2380 yen.

The “Plus” Fire HD 8 Plus, which is compatible with Qi in 3GB of memory, has renewed SOC from quad core to hexakore, like Fire HD 8. The memory is 3GB like the old model, and the storage can be selected from 32GB and 64GB. In addition, the rear camera has been enhanced to 5 million pixels and supports the wireless charging “Qi”. Other specifications are 바카라카지노 the same as Fire HD 8. The color is only black. The charging will start simply by placing it on the separately charging stand (set with Fire HD 8 Plus from 17,980 yen), and “SHOW Mode” that can use Alexa on a full screen like the smart display “Echo SHOW” series. Is installed.


Kansai is a sunny weather after a typhoon, but if you have met the damage due to heavy rain, I think you are spending days you do not rest.

Beautiful city of Italian

Triple duet dance

Yurika -san, Kano -chan (Junhana), Kiki -chan, Mineri -chan (Tenminei), Zun -chan (Minato Sakuragi), and Hiroko -chan.

If Hiroko enters a triple duet dance, is it 3rd in the show in the show?

For Gondola in Venice

Yurika and Zun -chan dressed in a dress -style coat appear in the gondola.

The development from the lively scene of the prologue to a quiet and relaxing scene is Taisuke Fujii.

In the scalp in Milan

In the aristocratic’s pier, Kiki Kiki and her mistress Kano -chan.

Is this a future suggestion? Does Kano -chan remain?

There was also a similar scene in Keiji Okada’s “Citrus Wind” by Keiji Okada.

Soragumi singer

Sayo Koharuno, Young Sho, Tenminri, Lake Saca, Sakura Haruno, I love, Yosai Asagi.

I think Sora -gumi has more songs than other groups.

Yurika -san has a single staircase

Her trench coat and hat are given, Yurika wears, she has to leave.

Since the next work “Casinolo Wirear” is a real play, if Yurika resigns in “Casinolo Yar”, the show work is “CapricCIOSA !!”

Land in Ginbashi

Currently, Aon Ange -kun (103 terms) and Wind Hyuga -kun (102 term), two times starring the new power.

When the stars lined up in Ginbashi around Yurika -san, Aon -kun was inside Hyuga -kun.

The size of the program photo is the same, but the arrangement is Amon -kun first.

This would be to push Amon -kun.

A masterpiece Etoile

Ah -chan (Royo Makyo) Etoile, firm voice and volume, powerful long 더킹카지노 tone.

Ah -chan’s thoughts, more songs, are echoed throughout the theater.

I am participating in the ranking.

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