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New Louis Vuitton Wallet Copy Dami Graphit Marco 2 Fold Wallet N62664

Model number N62664

Color pattern graphit

Size size 10.5 x 10.5 cm

The accessories are box protection bags.

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Reduced sales in China for the third consecutive quarter

Hits and linings continue to expand

It is predicted that the global sports brand Nike will be overtaken in China in terms of market share in local brand hits and Li Ning.

According to the audit data, the sales of Nike Group in the fiscal year amounted to $ 46.7 billion (approximately 61 trillion won), up 5% year -on -year, and net profit increased 6% to $ 60.46 billion (about 8 trillion won).

This means that sales are slower than last year’s sales of 19% and net profit of 123%.

By brand, Nike’s four -quarter sales decreased by 1% year -on -year to $ 11.65 billion (about 15 trillion won), and annual sales increased by 5% to $ 44.36 billion (about 58.73 billion won). The fourth quarter and annual sales also declined by 1%.

During the earnings report, Nike’s wholesale channel revenue decreased by 1% to $ 25.6 billion (about 33 trillion won), direct retail business increased 14% to $ 18.7 billion (about 24 trillion won), of which 100 e -commerce revenue was 100 It has surpassed billion dollars.

The SNKRS app has recorded the highest quarter in Japan, Korea, and Mexico, and the number of members in all regions has increased double digits. Shoes are still Nike’s core sales.

Sports equipment sales increased 18% year -on -year to $ 1.62 billion (about 2 trillion won), achieving 5% growth in the fourth quarter.

Nike’s localized product line sales continued to be strengthened thanks to the Express Lane program.

By region, the Nike brand’s four -quarter earnings decreased by 5% and 19%, respectively, in North America and China, the world’s major markets.

Middle East and Africa increased 9%. Other Asia Pacific and Latin America markets increased 15% year -on -year.

Nike sales are the only reduced China

During the 2022 fiscal year, Nike sales in North America increased by 7%, sales in Europe, Middle East and Africa were 9%, and other Asia -Pacific and Latin America markets increased 11%, but only by 9% in China.

John Donaho Nike CEO and Matthew Friend CFO were optimistic about the group’s development and prospects in the conference call after the report, but he said 26 times, saying, “The Chinese market is the focus of investors and analysts.”

The industry’s concern is that Nike lost the most important Chinese market in the third quarter.

Nike CFO Matthew Friend admitted that the last three months were the biggest crisis of the Chinese Nike business.

Revenue has not only decreased by almost 20%, but also decreased by more than 60% in more than 100 cities.

Nike said it will actively activate offline stores, such as strengthening local partnerships in China.

In addition, the marketing team also promoted the inventory according to the online customer needs during the annual shopping festival China’s 618.

Nevertheless, it still recorded a low -digit growth rate. In the meantime, hits and lines are the biggest competitors of Nike in the Chinese market, and they are threatened.

According to Euromonitor data, Nike’s market share in China fell to 25.2%in the first half of this year, while the hit group increased to 16.2%, surpassing Adidas for the first time.

Linning, the fourth place, has also risen, increasing its market share.

Made in China’s status

On the continent of China, the status of Made in China is increasing day by day.

Made in China, which had been neglected by Chinese people in the past, has now become a channel for pride to the Chinese.

This means that there is a “Guo Chao” craze, which means patriotic consumption in Chinese.

In the background of China’s craze in China, 2030 generations have recently emerged as the main focus of the Chinese consumer market.

It is a generation that grew up watching China’s emergence with the United States with the G2. Compared to other generations, the pride of the state is stronger.

The starting point of Guo Chao Wind is a sports brand.

In the past, the absolute leaders of the Chinese sportswear market were Nike and Adidas. But their influence on the Chinese market is decreasing.

Adidas’ sales in the first quarter of this year (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) fell 35%.

As mentioned earlier, Nike has also decreased by 9% year -on -year. Nike’s sales decreased 20% in the previous quarter.

The injury of Chinese native sports brands is closely related to the Guo Chao craze.

In 1999, he selected a world -class table tennis player Kung Ring Hui as a model and sent a TV commercial, “I choose, what I like.”

This advertisement is regarded as the beginning of patriotic marketing in China.

If the hit is the origin of patriotic marketing, the lining is a brand that has set fire to Guo Chao.

Unlike other clothing brands, unlike the “Made in China”, Linning clearly printed the word “China’s LINing” in the front of the T -shirt.

MZ generations who were proud of China were enthusiastic about this marketing.

Guo Chao culture is also located in the background of the K -Beauty craze, which was once hot in the Chinese market.

In fact, the sales of AMOREPACIFIC and LG H & H, representing K Beauty, are significantly decreasing every year.

Nike’s mistake… China’s Nike Run Club, SNKRS stopped

Nike’s earnings decrease and fall in market share are another reason for the discontinuation of the Nike Run Club app and the decision to stop the Chinese version of SNKRS.

The reason for the interruption of the service is known to be related to China’s tightening regulations on the protection of content and personal information, but Nike has not revealed specific reasons for the suspension of 슬롯머신사이트 service in China.

China is one of Nike’s best markets and one of the important producers of about one -fifth of shoes and clothing.

The Nike Run Club app has secured more than 8 million subscribers in the Chinese market.

SNKRS is an official app released by Nike in 2018, and it is the most preferred service for the MZ generation for the news and purchase of sneakers.

China’s MZ generation, which will lead the domestic consumer market in the future, is more interested in its products and culture than other age groups, and it seems that local younger generations are responding to various regulations of the Chinese government that have worked to increase this.