I will excuse me from the first sentence. It’s too big ~~! Suppose you have spit and spit. In order to spit out the locks that are locked from the throat, they make and spit out. And think that your nose is blocked by a cold. The nose is shouted and the sound of the sound is made at any point under the palate and the nose. The first Portuguese Portuguese heard this sound to me.

The sound of the ringing that the nominine is boiling somewhere behind the throat behind the square jaw. At first, I thought, ‘How do you feel like that. It’s a very strange language.’ But it was quite difficult to imitate. Her husband is obviously similar to Spanish, but heo! In addition, I could not find a similar part. (It means goodbye to Hola in Spanish and Olá in Portuguese, and read both languages.

The reason why Portuguese’s Portuguese is Portuguese is widely used not only in Portuguese but also in their colonial countries. There are Brazil, Angola, Macau, and Timor. In particular, the use of language in Brazil, with a population of more than 200 million people, is overwhelming. As the difference between British English and soft butter, the European Portuguz and Brazilian Portugizes are also different in accents and grammar. Brazilian Portuguz is more cheerful and rhythmic like Samba, and if you open your mouth, Portuguese Portuguese is a bit more elegant than Brazilian Portuguz, but it’s like a nose somewhere in the throat. The first person to listen is, ‘Do you say Russian?

Looking at the YouTube on the theme of European Portuguz, I followed as much as possible for three days, and it started to make a similar sound. When I speak Korean and English, I had to use my chin and tongue muscles. Muto prazer. It’s nice to meet you! R pronunciation is more intense than R in English, which is the sound of boiling from the earlier throat. R ‘Al, Ar’ is beyond the sound of ‘ㅎ’.

At first, I had a heartache that it was difficult to pronounce this, but when I started to make a similar sound with my mouth, I hope that I can say it as a Portuguese. And I visited Portuguese language school around my house and registered. It was a two -week beginner course that took place for three hours a day. Learning new words and grammar every three hours a day, I said that it was a review that I did not even do in college. If I passed by without review, I could hardly follow the contents.

Looking at the sentences in the Portuguese book, there were surprisingly many words that were similar to Spanish. My husband didn’t say it. For example, in Spanish, the word Estudio means to study, and as it is, it is pronounced ‘S2Dio’. Portuguese use the word Estudo like that. However, the pronunciation is called ‘Shitu Island’. The previous ‘e’ is almost pronounced.

After two weeks of studying for three hours, the street began to talk to 카지노 me when I went outside. I spent a few weeks with my eyes, and the words I learned from the lecture begin to catch my eyes. The signboard of the cafe, who pretended not to know, talked. We are selling ‘to serve our morning’, ‘bread with butter’ and ‘dessert’. ‘Our store is closed now’ ‘This area has to pay for parking between 9:00 and 6 pm.’ It begins to understand the meaning of phrases on the street, making it quite fun.

At one time, his brother’s house had a large poster on the house so that a young nephew could enlighten Hangeul and the alphabet. It feels similar to the whole city with a word card on the street to teach me. Among the words I don’t know, the familiar words are now out of tricks and start to stand out. The mailbox in the lobby on the first floor of my building is engraved with an embossed called CORREIO, which means ‘letter’. If you attach an electónico word reminiscent of the ‘electricity’ of English after the CORREIO word, it means email.

When he first went to the Portuguese supermarket, he stood at the supermarket milk corner and thought about it for a while. Obviously, it must be milk, but the colors of milk packages such as blue, green and pink were different. why. What’s the difference … I’m not a low -fat or martial arts, but I just want to buy a normal original milk. Instead, GORDO, MEIO-GORDO was described. Later, it turned out that Gordo meant fat, fat. Interpretation, Gordo means Full Fat-Milk Fat Milk, Meio-Gordo means HALF-FAT, or low-fat milk. When expressing fat people, it is also expressed as an adjective called Gordo.

After the streets had a talk, suddenly began to be motivated. After studying hard for a year, I was excited to think about what people are talking about here.

I like to listen to Bosa-Nova, a usual Brazilian music. My nephew says that when I play Bossa Nova, ‘aunt, the winter kingdom Ulapu is singing.’ Bosanova is a music that has a drowsy and calm rhythm, derived from Brazil Samba and Jazz. I usually listen to Bosa Nova, but I can’t. I forgot this. Bosanova’s lyrics were Portuguese. When I looked for the lyrics of the song that I have been listening to more than a hundred times, I know a few words. I thought there was a relationship with Portuguese than I thought, so I remembered that Portuguese had a hard time with a prejudice that it was difficult.

Whatever you do, it depends on your mind. I’ll learn hard. Portuguese!

I first moved to Portugal, so a male friend who enjoyed Ajae Gag shouted. Oh ~ Tabong. The jet generation is probably a copy of the 90s Delmont Orange Juice Advertisement. The end of the advertisement was once finished with a thumb. The phrase that Brazilian farmers smiled brightly and shouted. Tá bom. Está BOM abbreviation, in English it is good! It means ‘good’ or ‘good’. (Unlike known, it’s the best. It’s not about thumb.) Anyone who is reading this article may have a relationship with Portuguese. Then, Tabong!

Startup Investment War, Netmarble Spin X acquisition of 2.5 trillion won

Hello, this is the first page of the economic newspaper. Today is Tuesday, August 3, 2021. Yesterday I still seemed to have been a little cool. Nowadays, I’m doing things to do one by one. I’m busy, but I can’t do it one by one. If you don’t, you don’t reduce your work, so you have to do it little by little. Then work is easier. Have a happy day today.

-When it breaks, global jackpot

-The large corporations are also packed with money

-Scrap growth in the startup ecosystem

The initial investment, which was driven by only startups of the startup, exceeded 1 trillion won, the highest ever. This is the result of a high competitiveness as professional manpower with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and biotechnology attracts startups. The number of domestic startups that received Series A investment increased 2.6 times from 75 in the first half of 2016 to 192 in the first half of this year. It seems to be a huge investment in investment because it is only a start -up member. It is great that there is a company that invests 30 billion won in Series A, the first stage of investment. It is a world where you can really do business with ideas. What am I really doing in this world … ㅠㅠ

-Netmarble 2.5 trillion won

-In acquisition of social casino spin X

-The global casino game market grows

Netmarble acquired SpinX, the third -largest game company in the global social casino, for 2.5 trillion won. It is the largest in the domestic game industry. It is to acquire 100%of its stake, and announced that it will borrow 1.77 trillion won short -term to raise stock transfer. Spin X is a social casino game company established in Hong Kong in 2014. Social casino is a game where you can enjoy slot machine, baccarat, blackjack, and poker online and mobile through cryptocurrencies. Can Netmarble become a global casino game company? I hope to show Korea’s power to the world.

-189 in the case of the transfer tax of 1 homeowner

-Precision of the ruling party long -term deduction and reorganization

-The deduction rate for each capital gains is also differentiated

Housing transfer income tax is becoming more and more complicated. Only long -term special deductions for one households and one household have changed twice in one and a half years. In addition, when the Democratic Party’s reform plan passes through the National Assembly, it is more complicated, so only 189 cases are expected. 사설홀덤사이트 In fact, shouldn’t the tax be made simple? That way, I think taxpayers who have to pay taxes will pay taxes well. But it is so complicated that I don’t have to feel how much I have to pay. Whether to pay taxes or not … I hope that the tax is simple so that everyone can pay well.