A city of entertainment? The city of entertainment!

The cities I have seen in the United States are San Francisco and Las Vegas. Both of them went to work, especially Las Vegas seemed to have visited three times.

Speaking of Las Vegas, the image of ‘Gamble’ will be strong. In fact, Las Vegas has many casinos. However, when I went to Las Vegas, the image of ‘Gamble’s city’ did not feel so much. Rather, it felt like a huge theme park. There was a lot of fun besides the casino, and the casino was very different from the casino I thought before.

In this article, 카지노 I would like to take out my memory of Las Vegas and try to solve some of the impressive ones.

First casino!

There are many casinos. There are so many casinos. However, the atmosphere is very different from the casino in our country. If you go to the casino in Jeongseon, you can feel that it is a really gamble place. By the way, Las Vegas’s casino just felt like a entertainment. It wasn’t a person sitting densely, and the expressions of the players seemed relatively bright.

If you go to the casino in the Casino or Macau in Jeongseon, you can easily see that people with serious expressions are betting in large money. I don’t know it.) In fact, most of the Las Vegas casino sales are said to be by tourists, which is a big difference from the casinos in Korea, Macau, which is higher than Las Vegas, and Singapore’s casinos.

If you look at the game in the casino, there is a difference from Jeongseon and Macau. There are many entertaining machines based on the game of throne. In addition, in recent years, games that can be seen in mobile games have been introduced experiments to attract young people.

By the way, you can enjoy it with a small amount of money, but it is still more money than other entertainment. If you are not lucky, you will spend about 100,000 won quickly, so you should keep in mind that you are strictly watching and enjoying the budget.

Hotel Tour

If you go to Europe or the United States, your accommodation costs are expensive. Compared to spending big money, the quality of accommodation is often less than expected. By the way, the hotel accommodation fee in Las Vegas and Macau is better than I thought. In the case of a casino, the sales of the casino are large, so the accommodation fee seems to be set to some extent. Of course, it’s not cheap. It is compared to hotel facilities. In particular, if you make a reservation early and look for various promotions, you can stay in a good price at a good price. In memory, December and January, when Christmas, seemed to have been cheaper because of the low season.

The hotel is not just a casino, so you can see a lot of fun by walking around the hotels. Sometimes you do something like a cappella performance in the hall, and in the case of WYNN hotels, the hotel interior itself is also worth seeing. And outdoors, Bellagio’s water show and Mirage’s fire shows are so good that they must be seen once. Personally, I liked Bellagio’s water show, but I was impressed so it was as if I had emotions in the water, and I thought I wanted to meet the planner once.

When the famous club is open, you can see a long line in front of the club, and there are several famous clubs like Omnia, so if you like the club, it will be a good experience to go to the club. There were also several restaurants, but I don’t care about the food, so I don’t think much of the list to recommend. Still, Gordon Ramsey Burger is delicious enough to eat every time. The price is a bit expensive. There are some Gordon Ramsey restaurants in addition to the hamburger house, so if you go to it.

Main strip and downtown

The distance in Las Vegas is a new town called the main strip. It’s not bigger than I thought, so it’s worth walking from one end to the other. The landscape you see during the day and the scenery you see at night is different, so if you have time, you can walk once. However, because it is very dry because it is a desert area, it is good to moisturize well. Casino landscapes are also worth seeing, and street scenes are worth seeing. Supercases also pass by. There are many tourists from various countries, so walking time is not so boring.

The main strip is worth seeing, but personally, I like downtown, which is a ‘old town’. Perhaps before the strip was formed, downtown was the center of Las Vegas. If you go to downtown, there is an atmosphere of downtown. If the main strip feels gorgeous, downtown has a stronger feeling than splendid. So once I once stayed alone in a hotel in downtown (the price is much cheaper.)

If you go to downtown, there are some interesting shops, of which there is one memorable bar (?). It was a bar where the Moto Cyclean riders gathered, and it was impressive that the riders were gathered, and it was fun to be receiving orders on the table, as if the female clerks appeared in the movie ‘Coyote Ugly’. There is also a Harley Davidson shop on the other hand, so it seemed to be a place where Harley Davidson riders gathered.

There is a stage on the side of the downtown, and in the evening, the performance is performed on the stage. In my view, there was a band performance, but it was a street stage, so I didn’t have to order something.

Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon

There are Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon around Las Vegas. I saw both once, and the Hoover Dam was really big. It was also understood to use Hoover Dam as a conspiracy place in Hollywood films. The Grand Canyon is a ‘huge valley’ in Korean, but it seemed a huge huge huge. If you had money, it was possible to take a helicopter from the sky. We didn’t have any money, so we went by car and looked at the Grand Canyon in the park.

Before I saw the Grand Canyon, I expected to see something great, but when I saw the Grand Canyon, it was so huge that I felt like I was just looking at the picture. If the size is too big, it doesn’t seem to feel. There is a fence in the place where you look at the Grand Canyon, and there are people who take pictures beyond the fence and go to a dangerous place. Thanks to this, a few people die each year. Then, people who take pictures there are also taking pictures on someone’s death.

The Grand Canyon wasn’t bad either, but the way to the Grand Canyon was very good. The horse was around Las Vegas, I had to run for hours. I think it’s about Seoul and Busan. But the way was the wilderness that I saw a lot in the movie. So I had an experience of running in the wilderness (although I didn’t drive), and the landscape I saw out of the window was more impressive than the Grand Canyon.

A place to visit once

If you look around many cities, there are cities you want to live, and there are cities you want to come back, while others don’t think you want to come back once you visit. Las Vegas is such a place for me. I had a lot of fun, so I left a lot of good memories, but I didn’t feel much need to visit twice. Nevertheless, I think it is a city that can be visited one day for anyone who has never visited yet.

Macau was the city with the highest casino sales worldwide. The second was Singapore, the third was Las Vegas. Las Vegas’s casino sales continued to decline because young people did not look for casinos, but they only watched the casino and did not play much. So the casinos who felt a sense of crisis were preparing their own measures, but now I wonder what happened. Perhaps the image of the casino is decreasing and the image of the theme park is getting stronger. In recent years, methuses have become an issue, and someday, Las Vegas may meet in Methus.

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