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“Soccer running while thinking” is settled

Former Japanese national football coach Ibicha Osim died on May 1, and sadness spread both domestically and abroad. He was 80 years old.

Born in Saraevo in the former Yugoslavia (now Bosnia Herzegovina), he played on the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 as a representative of Yugo as a representative of Yugo, which sounded over 190 cm. After his retirement, he became a leader and led the former Yugo representative of the “Golden Age”, which is nicknamed “Pixie” in the 1990 World Cup (World Cup) Italian Games, which is nicknamed “Pixie”. Leaded to the best 8.

His habit is “If you don’t take risks, you can’t accomplish anything in your life.” He expresses his unique soccer philosophy in a humorous and implied narrative, and his wealthy words are popular as “Osim Language Records”, and many of the quotes left in their lifetime supported the history and development of the Japanese soccer world. Is no doubt.

“Polybalent” ability asked by players

In 2003, he became the director of J1 Ichihara (now J2 Chiba), established a “running soccer while thinking” and won the club’s first title at the 2005 Yamazaki Nabisco Cup (now YBC Levan Cup). He asked for a player with the ability to “polyvalent (with multiple value)”.

After the 2006 World Cup Germany tournament, after becoming a Japanese national coach after Mr. Zico, the 2010 World Cup South African Games with “Japanese Soccer Japan”, which ultimately emphasizes the amount of exercise and agility. In November 2007, he suddenly fell down due to the maiden cerebral infarction, and Takeshi Okada was successful.

I would like to look back on the “Osim Language Record” that resonates with many journalists, with the intention of Osim’s death.

Will the rabbit attacked by the lion be separated?

“Did you raise your son as a” child who runs without giving up to the end “? Otherwise, you shouldn’t expect it. If so, I will grow it responsibly.” To the parent of the new player)

“Lenin said,” Study, study, and study. “I say to the players,” Run, run, run, “(Ichihara’s 2003, his philosophy of his own philosophy. )

“Will the wild rabbit attacked by the lion escape when escaping? I’m not ready enough.”

“I also need a player who carries water.”

“Sometimes it goes well and it’s useless. If you hit everything, go to the casino and try horse racing.”

“Soccer has to be at risk. Otherwise, it will be a soup without salt and pepper.”

“Volume (Seiichiro) cannot be a Zidane, but he has something that Zidane is not.”

“Is there a defensive player? You need a player who carries water.”

“Make the Japanese national team Japan”

“The first thing you need to do is to” Japan “the representative is to return to the beginning and try to play Japanese soccer. We are thinking about how to make use of the characteristics.” At the inauguration conference)

“Is there a little water left in the old well (for generational change), but should I completely throw it away and dig a new well? You only need to dig a new well using an old well.” In the player’s player)

“Sometimes you win or lose. In the sense of crisis that you have to win, children will not play soccer (in 2006, the tide of victory).

“There is little room for players who think that they can die for beauty. Personally, unfortunately, life is 강원랜드슬롯머신검증사이트 the same.”

“Standing on history, war, and atomic bombs. Japan is learning the most lessons from losing. It is now an economic power. (Before the first team of the Japanese national team)

“Even if there is a world standard, it is better not to imitate Japan. It is agile, aggressive attack, high technology. It has something that is not in other countries” (for the characteristics of Japanese players).

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