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“I’m fun. I can do my best because I have it.

But when it comes to it, why don’t you escape as a “woman”? It’s as if you are encountering the opposite sex and the options to face the opposite sex yourself. “

85 % accelerator x 15 % brake, noticing yourself,

“I want to like someone again while I’m pushing, but I want to love it …”

My feelings that I have been pushing in for many years are evoked …


What do you do …

It is another effort to meet a new one.

Even if you like it, your opponent’s attitude changes, and the salt is responded, and he repeats the joy.

Did you experience this?

Was it a tough marriage love love for several years since the engagement was abandoned?

I’ve been really away from the opposite sex in the last two years, so I’ve forgotten the toughness. Bitter smile

I mean,

When I met a man who didn’t know my identity and became intimate, would I be infected if that 에볼루션카지노 person was a corona? That’s right. 。 Bitter smile

But the man who already knows it …

I’m almost married. Bitter smile

Former fiancee still seems to be immersed in a casino bar, so it will remain single.

It was reflected in the latest post on SNS on the casino bar.

I cut my hair a little. I’m still fat.

However, I cut my hair and the old features were getting darker.

I thought …

But I can’t go back to that time. I don’t have any hatred, but I don’t feel like I’m sorry.

However, the feeling of seeing something nostalgic.

I guess it would be better to leave the old album as it is.


The dream I had.

A dream of having sex with a junior at work. 。

(There is no such emotion as a opposite sex. The age is 13 lower)

As a situation,

Are I already wearing a blanket in a naked state? I lay down and slept.

Then, a junior came into the blanket that was wearing from behind. The junior is also naked.

Two naked people are in the blanket without meeting their face.

A junior reaches out from the blanket and takes something gorgeous. It was cream.

Apply it to my dick.

“Well, so far, is it?”

When I thought, my finger came in.

A little picture flies from there,

SEX had begun in missionary position.

“Eh? Isn’t it a little intense?”

There was a junior who was a mature child, but there was a junior who shook his hips.

So I woke up.

I’m just frustrated www

What kind of eyes should I look at this junior in the future? Bitter smile

Well, anyway. Bitter smile

If the corona calms down a little more

Do you want to do love?