There are not one or two factors to consider when investing, but we are especially noticeable. The best of them is whether it is a subway station. The subway is used by many people as public transportation. There are tremendous crowds when commuting. Since many office workers use the subway, it is impossible to check the station area when investing real estate.

Seoul already has a subway system like a huge complex spider web. When developing the station area, the scope of the station area varies slightly depending on the primary station and the secondary station area, but if it is defined as up to 500m around the station, the station area is more than the non -tax zone. The subway station is so tight. In addition, the transfer system is well equipped, so even a little far from the subway station, you can get out of the station and use the bus to arrive at the subway station. As a result, Seoul’s capital Seoul is easily moved anywhere through public transportation. Those who live in Seoul are so natural that they don’t feel how convenient it is, but even in the leading foreign cities, a city with a system that is as good as the public transportation in Seoul is hard to find.

In fact, there was a reason why public transportation was forced to develop. It is because of the tremendous road. Korea’s land area is about 1.1 million hectares (HA), ranking 107th in the world. The size of the country is the overwhelming first place in Russia, followed by Canada, the United States, China and Brazil. There are also countries that are considered to be a country that we can’t recognize, such as Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Even countries such as Uganda and Ghana are more than twice as big as Korea.

However, Korea’s population is about 52 million, ranking 28th in the world. Many population lives compared to the narrow land. Looking at the population density ranking, we are the top. In the ranking of Macau, Singapore, Vatican, and San Marino, Korea is the third place after Bangladesh and Taiwan in the rankings except for countries that are virtually urban countries.

Many population lives in a narrow land, where half of the population is in Seoul and the metropolitan area. The population of Seoul is about 9.5 million, and about one -fifth of the population lives. You can see how many people are concentrated in Seoul. Therefore, it is inevitable that commuting roads are parked. So most people don’t have a house, but they are used for weekend leisure and are not used for commute. In this environment, public transportation is inevitable. In addition, we should look quite important in the station that does not have to be very important in other countries.

However, 슬롯머신 the subway in Seoul is very sophisticated and tight, and the rail network is still long, compared to the construction of a convenient system. According to the public hearing data of the 4th National Rail Network Construction Plan of the Korea Transportation Research Institute announced on April 22, 21, 21, it is significantly lower than that of developed countries, even though the regional railway continues to expand, and France, France, Compared to Japan, it is more than 25%(about 1000km), and it is necessary to secure more than 4000 km of the population.

In addition, studying the regional development impact of the French high -speed railway, the difference in developmental development of high -speed railway and non -beneficiary regions was severe. Even in the high -speed rail beneficiary area, it was found to lead to higher regional development than the metropolitan city.

In areas where there is no high -speed train at all, it is impossible to develop high -speed iron anyway. However, it will not leave the local government to be slumped without doing anything. Therefore, we will try to maintain development in any way, whether we are making local specialties, trying to attract companies, or developing tourism products. In this way, even though it is slower than the high -speed train beneficiary or the metropolitan area, it develops. On the other hand, in the area near the high -speed railway city, there is high expectations for high -speed rail and rely on many. When only high -speed iron comes in, it will develop the business area, the population will flow, and the local economy will be greatly activated. Most people make common psychological errors, among which they have over -confidence and confirmation bias. In short, excessive conviction refers to a tendency for people to evaluate more generally compared to their own judgment or knowledge, and the confirmation bias only pays attention to information that consists of their beliefs and judgments, and other information is underestimated or ignored. It means a way.

The people near the high -speed railway will have over -confidence that their regions will develop greatly, and this conviction becomes confirmed, and this belief is solidified. So you will not care more about separate development or regional development. However, when the high -speed rail is opened, it is unexpectedly that there are not many benefits in nearby cities. Let’s take one example why I think so.

As mentioned at the first part of this part, the reason for the most commonly used means of public transportation is because of the advantages of on -time. It doesn’t matter if you promise with a friend, but it’s a big day if you’re late for your job. Even if I or or twice, my chest jumps, but I can’t say it more than many times. But if the bus or even taxi are blocked, there is no answer. Therefore, it is natural to use the subway that is the most variable and quickly moving.

However, in the vicinity of high -speed iron, the effect of moving quickly by using the subway is inevitably diluted. Because it is a nearby area, not a direct beneficiary of high -speed iron. At this time, the vehicle will be a bus or subway. Therefore, it is possible to use the high -speed rail after coming out of the house and using the bus or the subway to the high -speed rail area. This transfer is burdensome during the one -minute commute time. In the meantime, I went to work by using only buses or subways, but I had to change it to high -speed rail once more.

For example, let’s look at Seoul’s GTX-C line.

Since there is Suwon Station, Suwon is a GTX beneficiary area and Osan, located below Suwon, is a nearby area. In the same vein, Yongin is also a beneficiary area, and Gyeonggi -do Gwangju is a nearby area. Can you benefit from the GTX area? It would be even faster to just take a direct bus to Gangnam in front of the house to use the way to Gangnam from Gwangju, Gyeonggi -do to Yongin.

The same problem may be repeated. The GTX -A route is a route that passes through Gangnam, but there are only two stops in Suseo Station and Samsung Station. But what if my company is Seolleung Station or Gangnam Station? After getting off at Samsung Station, you need to change the train or bus. In the end, a citizen living in Gwangju, Gyeonggi -do, where there is a job near Gangnam Station, wants to go to work using GTX, take the bus or train to the GTX station, then go to GTX, get off at Samsung Station, and then change it back to the train or bus. You can only arrive at work. Considering that it takes a lot of time to change (especially the GTX, which is the railroad, GTX is built at 50 ~ 80m underground, it will take twice in time than the general subway), just take a direct bus in front of my house. Arrival can save you more time.

Since GTX is the first introduction to Korea, it is hard to predict exactly how much this traffic will affect the price increase in the area and surrounding areas. However, if you quote the case of France and interpret it in its own way, the GTX station will have a certain increase. This is already a phenomenon, and the price of apartments near GTX stops is close to the average value of apartments in Seoul. However, rather than a nearby city with GTX station, it is difficult to increase the price even if it is a certain distance from the GTX station. Of course, because of the expectation, it will be all together before the opening of the GTX. For example, in the case of Suwon Station GTX, it is natural that the price of apartments near Suwon Station rises.

However, even in the same Suwon city, the distance from the GTX should be used by other means of transportation anyway, so considering these time, it is not very efficient in terms of time saving when compared to the existing public transportation. Now, due to the powerful promotion effect of high -speed train, it is 10 minutes and 12 minutes to Gangnam, and it is increasingly shortened, but in the concept of door to door, the cost is more expensive, and the time shortening is unexpectedly effective. It may not be big. If you do not save more than the time you take to go to work, people will not use the GTX if they do not save than the time they take to work. However, the price has already risen due to expectations. Due to the nature of the downward rigidity of the real estate, the price that has been raised may not be lowered, but since the future price has already been shown, there is a risk of stagnating the price after the opening.

If you want to buy a house that will receive a good GTX, it is the wise strategy to buy an apartment for GTX. The gap between apartments and GTX walking apartments where you need to come to GTX using other public transportation will clearly widen.

Even now, the price difference between the station area and the non -station area is quite large. In Korea, whether or not the station area is so important. However, the subway continues to expand in the future. There are still a lot of places to rise. The government’s position also emphasizes the importance of railroads as a means to prevent the concentration of the metropolitan area and the extinction of locals. In addition, the importance of railroads with low greenhouse gas emissions is also highlighted, and as the use of railroads increases, traffic accidents reduce the effect.

As such, the government has a strong railroad expansion policy along with various social environmental reasons, so the price of housing near the area of ​​the region will continue to rise and the small aftermath will reach the surroundings.

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