Jeongseon’s worth visits, Ungtan altitude, Daloni pond, Manhangjae

What will come to come to mind when you go to Jeongseon? casino? coal mine?

When I was young, I once lived in Sinchon. When I opened the window, I grew up seeing the black and small cylindrical briquettes made in the briquette factory moving along the conveyor belt. The briquettes were always piled up next to the alley gate, and the briquettes were very useful on the next day. The briquettes that were not separated from our lives in the past disappeared from our memory after the creation of a central heating apartment.

After watching the broadcast of ‘Untan High Village Hotel’, the coal mines and miners who had been coal to make many briquettes were on the Mugunghwa train with the question of what happened. The train that left Cheongnyangni Station passed through the Taebaek Line on the Central Line, and passed through the high mountains, and passed through the long tunnel.

The history of the mining village is

There is a root pipe that remodeled the old welfare center building after leaving Sabuk Station and passing the blue park over the glasses bridge.

Kohan and Sabuk area, which were in the backcountry, are the valley villages of Jeongseon, which was called the ruins of the rituals. In early 1960, the government’s modernization and industrialization policy accelerated, and leading coal mines such as mobilization and Samcheok were entering a large -scale mining village. The village was created, and many people dreamed of gathering here.

I was able to eat rice if I worked in a difficult time when I only ate corn and barley rice. The miners in the mining village, the wealthy village, were the leaders of industrialization, but had to overcome industrial accidents and pneumonia in the poor working environment. As the consumption of alternative energy, oil and natural gas, increased, the demand for coal gradually decreased and the mine profitability decreased, and the government implemented abandonment and cutting policies.

It was a decline in the industrial warriors.

Residents who suddenly lost their work were entered into a long struggle for survival, and until March 3, 1995, they agreed on the Special Law on the Development of Abandoned Mine Area.

In front of the root pipe, 1995 3.3. There is a consensus specialist.

I am 夫.

In the past, it was a military forces in the modernization of the country. But what left me is the only medal of wounded, such as pneumonia and coal mine, I am a miner.

I am 夫.

Although it has a wounded medal, but moving forward for the bright future, I am a miner of this region.

Gangwon Land, a casino operator, was established in the city that was losing its vitality. With the establishment of the amusement facilities such as Gangwon Land and Condo, new jobs have been created in Sabuk and began to be crowded with people who come to play games all over the country. In Japan, it is said that the abandoned mine village is looking for a successful 바카라카지노 case of Sabuk, which has succeeded in the casino industry.

Mobilization has been transformed

Where the mobilization was located, there are remains of coal mine, such as the buses and tunnels that were used to actually go to work by workers. It is currently being remodeled to create a coal mine culture village and life history museum.

Cooperative Koto (033-592-3300), which is operated by donations from the Social Contribution Foundation in Gangwon Land, creates jobs such as the herbicide and flower beds of the high-circle resort forest road, and the installation of wood sculptures to senior citizens such as former miners in the southern district. I do it. However, it is difficult to improve the treatment of seniors with donations alone.

Samtan Art Main, on the side of Gohan, exhibits artworks from all over the world in the old coal mine, so you can see a different look.

Yeongwol Jeongseon Taebaek Samcheok 1330

Untan Godo, the old road that carried coal from Yeongwol Cheongnyeongpo to the tower of Samcheok Hope, is now called the ‘fine road where clouds are unfolded’. The highest place is Manhangjae, which is 1,330 meters of Hambaeksan Mountain, which is always a ‘heavenly flower garden’, which is always blooming. It is a way to walk by meeting traces of mining villages such as accommodation facilities using abandoned mine waste trains.

If you are difficult to climb, you can get to the top in about 15 minutes by riding a gondola operated by High One Resort Mountain Condo. On the bottom of the sky, there are stones picked up from the sunthamitted work, so it is good to wear hiking boots.

The road that the car is walking is spacious and there is no height, so it is good to walk. Surrounded by high altitude and dense forests, the mountain roads are cool enough to not feel the heat in the summer. The mountain peaks piled up in the clouds are endlessly connected to the mountain. The village that seems to be in between is too small.

I’m walking with a lot of time and walking, but suddenly it appeared in front of it. I met twice while walking from High One Resort to Manhangjae.

The shelter, which is decorated with various sculptures and flowers decorated by the elderly, gives joy and comfort to tourists walking on the forest path.

Due to the harvesting of coal, the ground was weakened near the Hwajeomryeong, making a puddle. The Anaks, who always prayed for her husband’s accident, who always entered the tunnel, believed that a husband who lived in the salam had would be safe. Currently, the pond is a shelter of wild animals and a wild flower garden, providing sights to those who are looking for.

It is also due to the ground subsidence that the place where the location of Unrak Elementary School, which has produced more than 20 graduates, has left. The school has been demolished and only the headstone of the classroom remains in the empty vacant lot.

The 1177 gang means 1,177 meters in height. It is the first tunnel developed by Dongwon Sabuk North Korea and is the starting point for the development of coal mines. As a result, more than 10 small coal mines were around the area around Hwajeolryeong, and the coal was transported to nearby Hambaek Station. The road was made at this time.

Heavenly flower garden Manhangjae

Manhangjae, which can be the highest by car, also belongs to the altitude. Now, many people are driven by asphalt. There is a wild flower that blooms from spring to autumn and can see snowflakes in winter. How was the only flower, but the butterfly I met when I came before the photo shoot was so big and gorgeous that I couldn’t see in the city.

It is meaningful to look around the coal mining village, walk around the altitude, and look back on the miners who worked hard to industrialize Korea. The accommodations here, famous for Jeongseon Arirang, are said to be a low season in spring. If the forest road is colored with autumn leaves, if you walk around the altitude, it can be a journey to look back at you?

If you take Mugunghwa train from Cheongnyangni Station and get off at Sabuk or Gohan Station, ‘Wah’ is operated. You can only visit famous tourist attractions by public transportation. For more time, it is a good idea to download and refer to ‘Jeongseon -gun public transportation information’ and plan a travel plan. In Gohan Station, you can go to Jeongamsa and Manhangjae and look back at 18th Avenue.

Among the many facilities in Jeongseon, only casinos are operating surplus. It is no longer dependent on casinos, but if travel tourism products are developed in connection with local residents, travel tourism products with themed themes such as wild vegetables, coal mine travel, and walking altitude walking, more people are looking for tourism cars.

The fall of pachinko that Koreans in Japan have made a living

… The number of stores is less than half of the peak.

Korean daily report

On the afternoon of September 6, I went northwest from the exit of Ueno Hirokoji Station in Taito -ku, Tokyo.

The entrance to the pachinko parlor “Cyber ​​Spark” was tightly closed.

At the entrance, tell the closing news and how to exchange coins and medals stored by members.

The guidance was protruding.

This pachinko parlor has been open here for 31 years, but has been out of business on August 31 because it cannot withstand management difficulties.

The pachinko parlor “Diamond”, which is a 5 -minute walk from here, has been open for 39 years.

The gate also closed on August 31.

The pachinko parlor “PIA”, which continues to operate in the neighborhood, was quiet and was quiet.

670 units, including pachinko and slot machines, were installed in the building on the first basement floor and the fourth floor above the ground.

The number of customers sitting in front of the table was about to count.

The pachinko industry, which was a representative entertainment for adults in Japan, is now falling.

Ueno, where the headquarters of the main pachinko companies gathered, was from the 1980s to the 2000s.

It was called “Pachinko Sacred Land”, and about 30 stores were open.

However, there are currently only three stores remaining. It was reduced to one -tenth of the heyday.

The number of customers visiting pachinko parlors continues to decrease due to the chilling of the economy and the prolonged Corona Pandemic.

This is because stores that are out of business without enduring management difficulties have continued.

The pachinko parlor “Green Peace”, which has been open for 33 years right in front of the exit of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, is

The store closed at the end of January this year, and the “Maruhan” Shinjuku store, which was opposite, closed the store four months later.

The beginning and growth of the pachinko industry in Japan is closely related to Koreans in Japan.

The Koreans who went to Japan during the Japanese -Future period, but did not find a job due to discriminatory treatment

He has jumped into the pachinko industry, which is highly gambling and dangerous.

The bestseller “Pachinko” by writer Min Jin Lee is

It is a novel that spells the story of a 현금바둑이게임 Korean family living in Japan for generations.

It is said that Koreans and their descendants are currently running about 80 % of the Japanese pachinko industry.

The chairman of the representative company, Maruhan, which operates more than 300 pachinko parlors, is also a Korean in Japan.

While pachinko is positioned as a representative leisure industry in Japan,

In the 1990s, about 30 million Japanese enjoyed pachinko.

A quarter of the Japanese population was enjoying pachinko.

At that time, the number of sales stores exceeded 20,000 throughout Japan.

He said, “There is a pachinko without any convenience stores in Japan.”

With the burst of the bubble economy, the number of visitors to pachinko parlors began to decrease.

When the Japanese government took measures to significantly reduce pachinko gambling in 2018,

The momentum of decline has become increasingly rapid.

The monthly acquisition probability of pachinko and slot machines has declined to about 60 % of the conventional

The possibility of “jackpot” was reduced by half, and the number of customers visiting pachinko parlors has dropped sharply.

For the pachinko industry, which was inevitable, the expansion of Corona was fatal.

Pachinko was listed as a typical place (dense, close, closed).

“Oriental Economy” magazine has recently quoted materials from the Japan Productivity Headquarters.

“The pachinko market in 2020 was 14.6 trillion yen, down 27 % year -on -year,” he said.

As of 2005, it was 35 trillion yen per year, and it was 60 % decreased.

The pachinko population was about 7.1 million, about 1.8 million less than the previous year, which was the lowest in history.

The number of pachinko parlors nationwide (as of December 2021) was 8139, less than half of the heyday.

News of the bankruptcy of mid -sized companies such as Takao and Asahi metal thermal blooming and large -scale personnel arrangements continued.

The Japanese media reported that the fall of pachinko is expected to accelerate further.

Tomohisa Ishikawa and senior researcher of the Japan Research Institute

“Except for some major chains, the pachinko industry is extremely unlikely to survive,” he said.


● Approximately 80 % of the Japanese pachinko industry runs Koreans and their descendants in Japan.

Is that so! ? I did not know. 。

and. 。 。

● The decrease in pachinko parlors has reduced customers due to the chilling of the economy and the prolonged corona.

This is because stores that are out of business without enduring management difficulties have continued.

。 。 ↑

no. 。 That’s not the only cause of the closing of pachinko parlors. 。

I don’t know because I don’t do it. 。 The person who was doing it said, “It’s no longer interesting.” 。

Pachislot sales decreased sharply since the complete removal of Unit 5 at the end of January 2022.

The replacement of Unit 6 (a gambling machine with low gambling) is also borne.

(Replacement of “new rules” gaming machines with system changes is required)

A major pachinko parlor survives.

2022 Pachinko Hall went bankrupt in pachinko hall. (18 cases in 2021)

4 in September, it was found that four broken nations were found, and since 2014 (32)

There is a possibility of reaching 30 units for the first time in eight years.