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[Three of the night of temptation] Singapore’Marina Bay Sands Hotel ‘

Overseas travel is a fight against budget. It is a big project that costs at least 1 million won. In a fixed budget, I need to create a model I want. If the air is expensive, reduce the budget for accommodation, and if you want to go to a good hostel, you need to reduce the tour budget or shopping budget.

Accommodation is a very important item. It takes a big weight with air costs. Human greed is endless, and as an astronomical budget increases when you look for a good hotel.

In the 20s, the cost of accommodation did not take much weight. When I traveled to Southeast Asia or India, I didn’t make a reservation at all. Rather, reservations interfered with the trip. I went to my body. I headed to where I liked it. I looked around in many places and decided to like it. That was enough time.

Accommodation fees are important in their 30s. Occasionally, it is ranked first in the air cost. Dragonfly is important, but there is no time to go to the destination. There is no physical strength to look around.

Nowadays, when I search for a cafe or blog before travel, I look at the hotel first rather than the travel course. Once you have a hotel, you can squeeze your trip around the hotel.

‘Travel where you are lying down’ was a privilege that only 20s can enjoy. (You might think that you are in your 30s as if you are in your 30s.

I wanted to go crazy

When I decided to travel to Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel decorated the news every day. It was not long since it opened, and the news that Korea’s Ssangyong E & C was built was also eye -catching, but most of all, the gorgeous 실시간바카라 visuals have increased their value as photo news.

At the time, he was working as a news editor. The news box was focused on the netizens’ attention if I only walked the photo of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Traffic exploded. It was sold better than the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, which was built in Dubai.

It was thanks to the pool. The visuals of ‘Infiniti Pool’ like a cliff were quite overwhelming. The netizens responded to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel’s swimming pool, ‘Marina Bay Sands Hotel’.

I couldn’t imagine this hotel. It would be very expensive, so I didn’t dream at all. I searched the price in my mind. It’s as if you can’t buy it at the Benz store.

It was different from imagination. It was the amount that I could go if I was a little overwhelming. I was greedy. I really wanted to go. Going to the place that decorates the news every day was like ‘the fate of the news editor’.

It was necessary to adjust a sharp budget. In order to get in the fixed budget, the cost of accommodation had to be drastically reduced. I gave up on the schedule of 200,000 won per night, and a good location and a good intermediate intermediate hotel. Marina Bay Sands Hotel was adjusted to 500,000 won for 1 night and 2 nights without a 50,000 won Chinatown window.

I wanted to go crazy. It was not considered at the time that Chinatown was dangerous or whether organs could be safe. Until I went to Chinatown.

“City View Plise”

Arrived in Singapore. A free shuttle was attended from the airport to Marina Bay Sands Hotel. I took out my reservation voucher to prove my guest. Suddenly, I thought it was ‘guesthinene’.

I showed me a voucher, but the article doesn’t look at it. I just sat on the bus. Later, it turned out that Marina Bay Sands also has a shopping mall, so it’s a bus where tourists can ride. (But this bus is said to have disappeared these days.)

The magnificent figure was revealed. Three of the ‘ㅅ’ shaped buildings are supporting the ark. From the close, it was bigger and wider than I saw in the picture.

There are so many hotel rooms, so it took a long time to check in. I waited in line for 30 to 40 minutes and checked in. It was hard, but the excitement was bigger and the time went quickly.

Shouted “City View Plise”. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel has ‘City View’ and ‘Harbor View’, and City View can see Singapore’s Skyline properly. Laser shows that are held at night can also be seen in the rooms, so the view of the city view is much better. Fortunately, I checked in early, so I was assigned a very high room for City View.

At that time, it was the first time to have a luxury hotel, and the room condition was good. Those who have been to a lot of hotels say that Marina Bay Sands is not good for the price. That’s why it’s too simple.

The rooms passed by and headed for the reason for the existence of Marina Bay Sands.


First of all, I was surprised twice. I was surprised at the 250m length from the end to the end. And I was surprised by many people. It was like a Caribbean Bay Youth Pool. It didn’t feel like the homepage. The price is cheaper than I thought, so there are many people like me.

‘Infinity Pool’ was definitely overwhelming. I went to the end. Fortunately, it was not a cliff. There was enough evacuation space below. Even if it fell, my life could be saved.

Singapore’s skyscrapers from 200m high were spectacular. I didn’t have to swim. It was calm just by looking at the skyline in a moderately comfortable posture. I quietly hit a bruise.

The charm of the pool appears at night. In the evening, tired children return to the hostel, and tourists leave for the night view. But the only purpose of the pool was to keep in place. I felt like a big swimming pool, and the night view shined more brilliantly in high places.

I gathered swimming skills to souls and cast freestyle from the end to the end. It felt like swimming in the sky.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is also a complex shopping mall + casino center. Sands Group, a parent company, is a leading casino company. I was not bored only in the hotel.

The shopping mall has a variety of brands that are not yet in Korea. Afternoon tea is also famous. You can enjoy various sweet desserts such as warm black tea and macaroons. There is also a Korean restaurant in the food code. I was tired of swimming with tofu stew.

He enjoyed legitimate gambling in the casino and lost about 100,000 won legally. ‘If this is money, you will not be able to go to Chinatown tomorrow.’ The anxiety about the forgotten ‘Chinatown Window Room’ has been striking.

“I have a sweet dream”

The promised time came. In one night of Chinatown, the 50,000 won accommodation was more serious than I thought. It was a double bedroom, but the room was just the size of a double bed. Only the door was barely open. When I was walking in the room, I had to do the sound quality.

Suddenly, at 11 am Sunday, Nam Hee -seok of SBS ‘Good Friends’ came to mind. When I was sleeping, I slept with my stomach. Because my organs are precious …

I lay in a room without a window, and suddenly tears flowed. Soaked pillows. Just one day ago, the night at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel was like a dream.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for ‘Chinatown Long -term Hotel’. The accommodation was so scary that I could see Singapore every corner for two days.

I went twice on the Singapore Land Mark Merlion statue and played all day in Universal Studios. I ate Chili Crab at a jumbo restaurant where all Koreans are going. I went to the Gallan area that Koreans do not go well because they are dangerous. No matter how dangerous it was, it seemed safe.

Singarov has an optimal city destination. It will give you good memories to travelers who miss the gorgeous Urban lifestyle. It is a flaw that expensive prices and artificial beauty are too strong.

First of all, I am grateful for the Chinatown Long Care Hotel, which gave me an unforgettable night in Marina Bay Sands. Instead of 3 nights of ordinary intermediate hotels ..