The last day of Silver Week in 2022

September 25 is the last day of Silver Week in 2022. If you take paid vacation from 20th to 22nd, 9 days from 17th to 25th will be closed, and you will have a large holiday. There are many people who went on a trip, regardless of whether it was a long vacation.

If you are staying at a hotel on a trip, I’m looking forward to breakfast buffet.

・ Because you can make money by reducing labor costs? The real reason for the hotel to make a buffet buffet at breakfast (Toryu) / Yahoo! News

A while ago, I read the article I was interested in at the breakfast buffet, so I contributed my sentence. Breakfast buffet has stated my views on claiming that it is making money by reducing labor costs.

・ I was angry at the buffet saying, “Don’t cut it in!” Is it useless to take empty dishes?

Recently, I read a new article that I am interested in.

Be careful of interrupt

According to J-CAST’s article, the tweet of a ryokan manager is a great response.

The tweet was described on September 12, 2022 about the breakfast buffet at the City Hotel.

When the contributor cooked from the vacant booth, he was angry that he did not interrupt the elderly men. It is said that all dishes should be served in a row from the platform near the entrance. The contributor pointed out that it was a distribution. The reaction on SNS is that there is a lot of sympathy with the contributors.

In this article, let’s consider the interrupts at the buffet like this.

Buffet history

Before you enter the main subject, let’s explain the history of the buffet.

In 1957, Nobuo Murakami (later chef and the first chef of the first generation) of the Imperial Hotel went to learn the Nordic “Smogersboard”. “Smogger board” means “bread and butter dining table” and is a traditional Nordic dish that allows you to freely eat various dishes such as meat, fish, and vegetables on the table.

Murakami returned to Japan and opened Japan’s first buffet restaurant “Imperial Viking” (“Imperial Viking Sal” on August 1, 1958). When the store name was open to the company, the name reminiscent of the Nordic pirate movie “Viking”, which was a hot topic at the time, was selected. In 2008, the 50th anniversary of buffet, August 1 will be enacted on the “Viking Day”.

As you can see from these backgrounds, buffet is a coined word made from Imperial Viking Sal. Buffet and buffet have different pronunciation notation in Japanese, and both refer to Buffet.

Buffet rule

Buffet has tradition and history, and there are rules and manners.

・ August 1 is celebrating its 60th anniversary of birth, “Viking Day” Your buffet is outdated? (Toryu) / Yahoo! News

What is recommended in the original “Smogersboard” is to take an appropriate amount, and if necessary, go to get it as many times as possible. Even if you can take it freely by yourself, it is not to eat and eat quickly. It is one style of meals that go to pick up for a serving meal.

In Japan, a buffet lunch may be held in elementary and junior high schools as part of food education. It is taught through buffet lunches, such as taking into account the balance and amount of nutrition, and considering that others can take it comfortably.

Depending on the likes and dislikes and eating volumes, it is important to take as many nutrients as possible, challenge new dishes and taste, and eat an appropriate amount that suits you.

Divide the flow line

Let’s 크레이지슬롯 explain the ideas in the buffet stand.

There is a flow line on the buffet stand.

Of course, the manager, manager and staff are thinking about where the buffet stand in the store, what kind of things are lined up, and how to get them lined up. At the beginning of the flow line, it is common to show that this is the start by arranging trays and plates, and that people flow from there.

There are many complaints in the buffet because the replenishment is slow and the rows are crowded. Therefore, it is designed so that the column of the buffet stand is not crowded.

Creating a number of flow lines is the basics of the basics. If there is only one flow line and only one exit and one exit, if a person stops in one somewhere on the way, all the rows will be delayed. Therefore, the whole flow line is divided into several, and the popular demonstration corner creates a dedicated menu.

Cooking that you can get per person

What should I do to prevent the buffet from being crowded?

It is to reduce the number of dishes that can be per person. Conversely, if you can do it, it is important to increase the number of people who can cook one dish. If you say this, you may not understand the meaning well or surprisingly, but the intention is as follows.

If you have a lot of dishes that one person can take, you will stop at that place and you will have a number of dishes. If you can only get one dish in a certain place, and where you can get five dishes in a certain place, the latter will take five times as long as the former. Therefore, it is better to reduce the dishes that can be eaten as much as possible on the flow line of the buffet stand.

If you can get one more than one dish, you can get more efficiency if you can get two or more people. For example, if there is a buffet stand and you can cook from both sides that sandwiches it, the efficiency will be doubled.

In order to keep the buffet from congestion, it is most important to reduce the number of dishes that can be eaten per person and move quickly so that the line flows more and more.

Overall efficiency concept

There is a concept of overall efficiency like a macro to eliminate the congestion of the buffet stand.

At that time, the idea is that all people in the store have to waste their time as much as possible, that is, the more they eat, the more they take the dishes.

The less dishes that are not taken by anyone, the less time it will be. In reality, it is impossible to have any dishes that are not taken by anyone, so it is important to reduce the time when there is a dish that is not taken by anyone.

Case of the case

Let’s go back to the beginning of the event.

In order to eliminate the column of the buffet stand as a whole, it is preferable to go to the vacant place because the overall efficiency is better. Smogers boards and buffets do not have the rules or manners that must be lined up in a row or all dishes.

Therefore, it is no problem to go to an empty buffet table like the contributor.

However, it is not desirable to go into a place where there is already a line and go for cooking. This is because it not only violates the manners of taking consideration for others, but also contributes to the overall efficiency.

So how long is the line, can we enter a line?

It’s annoying, but as a guide, if you have more than three people, you’ll be fine. In this case, I don’t feel like I got sideways. In addition, it takes time for the next dish to be taken, so if you take it in the meantime, the overall efficiency will be improved.

The buffet can be taken as many times as you want, so it is barren to make a noise when you are pulled out, unless there is something that will be limited in quantity.

The person who entered on the way did not take what was in front of the line. If you did not take the previous one, but lined up from the beginning of the line, the line was too long and overall in inefficient.

Rounds unique to breakfast

There are circumstances unique to breakfast. Breakfast at the hotel focuses on a very short time slot, from 7:00 to 8:00, or from 7:30 to 8:30. Moreover, unlike lunch and dinner, it is inevitable that many guests use it.

It is better to be able to get what you want to take as soon as possible, as it is the benefit of customers as a whole, as a whole, as a whole, without personal emotions. By doing so, as a result, the line is easily eliminated, and every person is easier to take.

Buffet rules and manners

In Japan, the buffet culture is immature. As in this case, the idea of ​​having to take a moto has spread, it is used for gluttonous and fast -eating, and the illusion of a genre is a genre. There are probably things that are misunderstood.

The buffet is a meal style that you can eat freely. It is a good idea to be informed that the overall buffet standing efficiency can be improved, and as a result, it may be taken from where the person you want to take in order to bring the benefits to everyone. I believe that the venue that offers breakfast buffets, as well as TV, magazines, newspapers and the Internet, should actively convey the manners and mechanisms of the buffet.

2021.7.18 26th Mercury Cup (JPNⅢ) Morioka / Dart 2000m Frame Horse Horse name


Rate 5 runs Acquisition Before Run 3ring 3ring 3ring 5 Runes 5 Runes 1 5 8 8 B

* () = The parenthesis is the invalid rate notation by the grass race.

* The underline is the same as this race, and the rate acquisition at the approximation distance (= dirt 1900-2100m).

* /Is the same as this race, and the rate cannot be obtained at the approximation distance (= dirt 1900-2100m).

<< Aptitude ranking >>

* << Decision side >>

* << General / Intermediate >>

* << Evacuation battle side >>

* [Power ratio]:

《Evacuation Battle side》 > (≒+2.5%) 《Decision side》 > (≒+29%) 《General / intermediate attribute》

Ranking of the past 4 years and its trend ↓

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・ First of all, there is 1 to 5+7th place in the large frame (12/12 in the betting ticket), 1+6 or 2+4th place, or 2nd, 10, and the first place. 6 is 6. From the 7th place in the maximum force, 11/12 in the betting ticket, from the first and second place to three. << General/Middle Attribute >> 11/12 in the betting ticket from the 7th place, of which 2nd place horses are always derived, and the first place horses are 3. 《Evacuation Battle side》 From 2nd to 9th place to 12/12 in the betting ticket, 4th place horses 3. From 8 horses with a rate acquisition rate of 100%to 5, 75-80%of the betting ticket, from 11 to 4, or from 21 horses with non -rates with a rate acquisition rate of 40%or more to 8/9 in the betting ticket. 1 from 31 horses, which owns and non -possessed rates. With a rate acquisition rate of 75%or more, only has a rate of holding , and there are three or more rates of “general/intermediate attribute” to 8/12 in the betting ticket. Overall / intermediate attributes》 Of the 46 non -possessed rates, 36 from 36 horses that are not unprecedented in “General / Middle attribute” with a rate acquisition rate of 20%or more. With a rate acquisition rate of 100%, the possession rate of the “consumable battle side” or 75%or more, from 12 in the betting ticket with the rates of the “consumable battle side”, other than that, the rates of the “exhaustion battle side” From 27 non -possessed 43 owns and non -possessed 43 horses, 1 from 27. From 6 horses in the second place to the majority of the number to the most in the betting ticket, 20 to 7, which falls under the most group, all 20 betting tickets that do not fall into the majority of the majority. The optimal rate is 3 to 5 in the betting ticket, , and 3 to 1 from . Is 3. << General/Middle attribute >> 3/4 from the fifth place, 2nd place horses 2. 《Evacuation Battle side》 3/4 of the 6th place, 3rd place horses 2.・ The second horse is in the 7th place in the maximum forces, of which 2 from the second place. 《Evacuation Battle side》 3/4 of the third place, of which 1st place horses are 2.

* The following (A+to e-) evaluation is not absolute evaluation but relative evaluation.

[Complete score = 48.6p]

[Target horses: Precision a+]

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[High condition achievement rate horse performance (2020 -cumulative)]

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70-79.99%→ In the betting ticket 57/139 [41.01%] → (2022 ~) 5/14 [35.71%]

(75-79.99%→ 26/60 in the betting ticket [43.33%]) → (2022 ~) 4/6 [66.67%]

(70-74.99%→ In the betting ticket 31/79 [40.26%]) → (2022 ~) 1/8 [12.5%]

60-69.99%→ In the betting ticket 152/391 [38.87%] → (2022 ~) 29/58 [50%]

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・ Meishohung Jin 카지노 (JRA) [Conditions Achievement rate: 13.66% = 11.73-5.09P/48.6p] (7 popular)

・ Railgun (Iwate/Mizusawa) [Condition achievement rate: 12.72% = 12.71-6.53P/48.6p] (12 popular)

・ Meishoukazusa (JRA) [Conditions Achievement rate: 12.24% = 10.4-4.45p/48.6p] (3-5 popular)