The difference between the grecle and the existing model is better for Maserati once. Maserati, who recently launched a supercar for the first time in 15 years, introduced a hybrid to the best -selling models, and showed a new small SUV, promoted electrification rapidly to end the production of internal engine cars by 2025. is doing. [Photo] Reborn Maserati [See the new Glecare and MC20 in photos] (107 pieces) These movements are revolutionary in all car manufacturers, but they are colored in the tradition of motorsports and are essentially connected to the roaring sound of V8. For Maserati, who has a 107 -year history, it would be nothing but a drastic innovation. For Klaus Busse, Vice President of Design Startanth, this is a 호게임 chance to renew the brand image. He spoke to Bussse, who solved Grekare’s veil to get what would happen to Maserati, what would happen next to Maserati’s electrification. ■ -How was the differentiation between the new Glecare and Levante? “Levante, Ghibli, and Quattroporte have become one family in design, but DNA (Glecare) design started developing Grecare and MC20 about three and a half years ago. It’s something I drew to make a chapter. MC20 is an important new milestone, and it was worth a step forward in the design. “” Levante is a horizontal design, so this process is automatically automatic. Ghibli, Quattroporte, and Levante all have a lot of line work on the body. In Grecare, you can remove the line with engineers, concentrate on the body itself, so that it is clean. I didn’t want to make a car “” shining “cars -what kind of elements will be included in Maserati in the future? “It is a characteristic that you have already seen in the MC20, such as a low mouth, a high position, and a light signature. MC20, Glakare, and the new Maserati in Maserati (the next type) announced this time. It was a face. “” Filosophy in which engineers express functions and performance while increasing the purity to the limit. When creating this design DNA, we looked at society in context. Where are we are. , Where is the society heading? “” I didn’t want to design a so -called “Instagram -shifted” car. If you look at Maserati, you want to design a car that adds visual value that makes the environment beautiful. “” Especially in Italy, design is proportions and forms, decorative and two -dimensional. The characteristics, folds, unnecessary air intake, or fake exhaust pipes are like forbidden hands. ”

by Koziyuza

Yatsugatake Wan Para lovers are expensive, finally purchasing a villa, living on weekends ♪ record of past dog travel.


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