Contrast of experience consumption led by desire 2. Hotel

In the last post, he introduced what the boarding line of the economy stone, which was designed to see the business seats, and who the hidden target of the First Class was introduced.

This flex economy phenomenon is extensive throughout the travel industry. Hotel? More explicit and dense. If the airline seats are at best, the hotel rooms are divided into dozens of rooms, depending on the rate.

SNS public opinion, the reason for ‘Halla Mountain View’

There is an important variable that determines the price as much as the area of ​​the room. It is ‘view’. The core value provided by the luxury hotel is the luxury out of everyday life. Therefore, it is natural to pay the price to the proper rooms and prospects.

By the way, is it the future luxury? Do you think it’s luxury for privatizing public prospects and spending money in a hotel with no connection with the region?

Above all, will people long and envy those actions?

A series of criticisms on SNS for the Dream Tower in Jeju Island, which opened in December 2020, and the Dream Tower in the hotel. In fact, so far, the joint venture with Chinese capital, the combination of high -rise commercial facilities and hotels, and the gap between hotels and regions have been common in the development of hotels in the commercial real estate industry. Therefore, it is necessary to look into the changes in the social context of the MZ generation looking at the hotel.

The 2030 generation is a set of individuals who are concerned about survival and survival in an environment where polarization deepens. When they want to breathe for a while, the most traveling destination is Jeju, and each has precious and sad memories of Jeju. Looking at the emergence of the hotel in such a context, you can understand the furious criticism and antipathy of high -rise prospects that monopolize Hallasan. If a hotel is reminiscent of negative keywords such as casinos, Busan’s El City, and the rich man’s tyranny, this will not help the hotel in the long run.

Recently, a series of timelines reflect such pressure. Since the opening of the hotel, the Jeju Federation of Certified Affairs said, “Stop Jeju Dream Tower Shopping Mall.” Dream Tower said it would apologize for violating large -scale stores and discuss win -win measures. Two weeks later, he started a tourism work and started a campaign with Lotte Hotel to support the traditional market. What will be left after the six -week campaign is over? How does this business change change after the six -month period of win -win and cooperation?

Marriott, do you only clean luxury brands?

Intensifying the class of travel is a hot topic in the United States. On June 4th, Royal Tea Robbie, a famous travel media, posted news called ‘Marriott House Skating New News: Luxury Brand Bay’.

According to the latest newsletter in Marriott, only seven brands such as Ritz -Carlton, Edition, and JW have only seven brands, including Corona 19, with cost savings. All hotels, including Le Merdien, have to be cleaned at the time of ‘request’.

Of course, it is uncertain whether this policy is an international or a US hotel. But the obvious fact is that the hotel’s cleaning service, which was the only difference with Airbnb, is no longer natural.

Until now, consumers tend to sympathize with this class. The experience of pouring out of SNS has been constantly fostered with each other with the distorted aspiration. Overseas travel and the hoccence craze, which overlaps with the unique anxiety of Koreans that should not fall behind, and rewarding psychology to fill the empty inside with difficult social life, are a good excuse for the hotel industry around the world to ‘classify’ consumers’ wallets. It was made.

Fortunately, consumers think that there is a critical point that blatantly feels the classification of travel consumption. After environmental disasters such as Corona 19, the individual’s value for travel is changing in various ways, and it is in an environment where it is inevitable. Consumers who want to consciously consume consumption to the region and the environment will set the standards for travel consumption more sensitively than before.

Citizen M in the Netherlands, the first hotel that started a 슬롯머신 hotel trip 10 years ago, and many independent brands in Europe are solidly working on their business without forming a class as a hotel room. I don’t claim that this is not necessary, but I think that the definition and standards of luxury should be delicately designed to meet the changes in the consciousness of consumers.

Now, there are many more consumers than ever before, rather than ‘Chinese’ or ‘greedy’ rather than longing for large and colorful buildings and monopoly views.

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